T.I. Drops ‘King Uncaged’ Album Title


The King’s album title has officially been caged. Following his 11-month prison sentence, T.I. has decided to change the name of his forthcoming album.

The rapper’s seventh studio effort, previously titled King Uncaged, will now be called No Mercy. “It ain’t King Uncaged no more. We had to change the title,” he told Hot 107.9’s Rickey Smiley.

The project was originally set for release in August and was delayed so he could promote his No. 1 film Takers. This occurred prior to his arrest for felony drug possession in Los Angeles in September. He has since been sentenced to 11 months behind bars for violating his probation, but was not charged for the drug offenses.

Tip previously told Rap-Up.com that he had recorded over 100 songs and had to narrow them down to 14 which will make the final cut. He shared his struggles with Chris Brown on “Get Back Up,” one of the songs expected to appear on No Mercy.

What do you think of T.I.’s new album title? Tell us below.

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  1. bigMEECH

    “King Caged…Again”


  2. jep

    “King Uncaged” was damn cool
    “No Mercy” is boooring as hell


  3. crazymanmike

    I agree with @bigMEECH he is going back,so he should aswell just call it “KING CAGED”!!!true @jep ,”NO MERCY”is really boring…


  4. I'm Me Honey

    “King Re-Caged”, respectively


  5. lil' RedMan

    in away it’s a better title cause 1. hes not uncagd and 2. he will show no mercy if you mess with The King. but hey thats just my opinion. I respect T.I. and his most of his choices.


  6. Dan King

    TI looks like a GDamn Retard with a Cover like that..)d


  7. Barry

    ..and he needs to do a remix of i’m back,coz he’s going back to jail lol


  8. Samy

    He just should release this f-cking album…


  9. AnnkA

    it’s going to be a #FLOP anyway, 2010 or 2012 still a #FLOP!


  10. Luel14

    Yeah they will have no mercy on his bootyhole in prison. Bye T.I bye.


  11. tifanyy


    his best track is “get back up” ft chris brown

    t.i is really the king of rap


  12. Reda

    agree with tifanyy!!! :D


  13. shaun

    no.1 film takers….. Ummm thats a damn lie.

    check the receipts, Exorcist was no 1. film that weekend!


  14. Yes

    ^^ No, Takers was #1..please do a search or STFU.

    #1 movie and a #1 album on the way. Keep your head up TIP!


  15. K.K.

    I prefer KING UNCAGED :(


  16. star

    No mercy is a good title King Recaged or Caged sound dumb,

    Takers was the #1 Movie not the lame ass exorcism do your resrerch buddy


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