Chris Brown & Trey Songz Ball at GQ Event

Chris Brown and Trey Songz

Here come the men in black. A dapper Chris Brown and Trey Songz shared a laugh at GQ‘s Gentlemen’s Ball at The Edison Ballroom in NYC on Wednesday (Oct. 27). Chris and Usher had talked about going on tour together, but due to promoter conflicts, Trey ultimately ended up as Ursh’s supporting act.

Check out more photos of the R&B peers below, along with Nick Cannon, Jay Sean, and B.o.B, who provided the evening’s entertainment.

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  1. J.J.



  2. let's be real

    aww look at Trey and Chris, Virginia boys from 2005


  3. Big.Deal

    woah@Trey face in the first pic….smh…and I thought his singing faces were bad…


  4. Keesha

    SEXY! <3333 LOVE them both!


  5. Mar3690

    Is chris goin for the run dmc look?


  6. u betta

    that has to be the worst face i’ve seen trey give…EVER!!!!


  7. meme

    i jus need to one thing….who the eff be dressing chris?


  8. love bee

    daym breezy stop it your toooo foyne lol


  9. Corrosive Sounds

    No one loves Chris Brown more than Chris Brown!

    Actually achieve something & we might care…


  10. tifanyy

    yeah chris brown men!!

    always here


    full of talent


  11. g3

    i like Chris jacket lol @Trey face


  12. Jaye

    that 1st pic is the worst pic I have ever seen of them. LOL


  13. SandeePB

    Chris is Amazing :)


  14. Jenna

    teamBreezy You guys hear his new song yeah 3x yet ?! You gotta hear itt soo goodd !


  15. ellis

    Good to sees breezy out and about,you didnt run,you didnt kept doing what God has destined you to do,being the best entertainer of this present generation.the sky is your starting point.keep it up.


  16. VA 4 Life

    Aww..both of my VA boys look very handsome.

    Trey face in that first pic is killing me though. Lol. He was laughing too hard. This should put to rest the rumors that he and CB aren’t cool cause enemies don’t laugh that hard!

    Keep smiling and making VA proud boys!


  17. VA 4 Life

    @Corrosive Sounds: Obviously YOU care of you wouldn’t have bothered to comment dumbass!

    CB hasn’t achieved anything?? That’s interesting cause I recall him achieving a lot in just 5 years! Just because you are unaware, or refuse to acknowledge it doesn’t mean he hasn’t!

    *His debut single ‘Run It’ debuted at No. 1 on the charts making him the first male r&b artist to have his first single debut at No. 1!

    *He has two 3 platinum albums under his belt as well as platinum sinlges!

    *He has been nominated for 5 Grammies, won 3 AMA’s including artist of the year in 2008!

    *He has won over 40 awards total including international awards!

    He has performed at the Grammy’s, VMA’s, BET Awards, WMA’s , The Today Show, GMA and more!

    Performed in front of the President (Bush)at the annual Christmas at the White House special!

    Starred in 3 films including the blockbuster ‘Stomp the Yard’ and ‘Takers’!

    His film ‘Takers’ which he starred in and co-executive producer has grossed over 50 million domestically alone.

    His current single ‘Deuces’ has been No. 1 for the 9th week in a row and has just sold 1 mill downloads!

    He has just been nominated for an AMA this year which shuts down the haters saying he would only get support from ‘BET’ from now on!

    At 21, Chris has acheived A LOT in his short career and life! Much more than you I am sure!



  18. Roger

    @VA-For-LiFE Ayyye Tellemn !!! #Truth !!!
    well we got Trey the prince of VA ..
    and Chris the King of VA …


  19. melodies

    @VA 4 life. Thank you. My whole family from VA. We need smart inteligent people like yourself to set the record straight about Chris’s career. Without knowledge is why they had the chance to ruin his Grafitti Album. But not this time.Teambrezzy in NYC.


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