Keri Hilson Rounds Up Rick Ross, JoJo, Lloyd, & More for New Video

Keri Hilson and Rick Ross

The seductive Keri Hilson captured the Teflon Don’s attention with her cleavage-baring outfit on set of the video for her uptempo song “The Way You Love Me” in Hollywood on Tuesday. In addition to Rick Ross, the dangerous mini-movie stars JoJo, Lloyd, Faith Evans, Columbus Short, Polow Da Don, and more. The ladies play sexy bounty hunters in choreographer Laurieann Gibson’s directorial debut.

Miss Keri’s sophomore album No Boys Allowed is due November 30 featuring the singles “Breaking Point” and “Pretty Girl Rock.” has rounded up more on-set pics below.

[Photos via Twitter]

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  1. -

    Ha look at JoJo! Looking good girl!


  2. A

    I was expecting a bigger uptempo than this.

    What happened with her poducers?


  3. meme

    i cud see this album be pushed back. these singles are all garbage. I cant get into keri…im sorry.


  4. ...

    Wait, so what’s her actual single? I wish people would pick one song and promote the heck out of it. If you release 2-3 songs at one time, none will go anywhere and you’ll be stuck.


  5. ummmm?

    This should be interesting, hope it’s goood


  6. okkk

    Song sounds like Nicole Schezewrr..a.n(sp) “Whatever You Like”. Something about her I just dont like since that “Diva” remix came out.


  7. boom.BOOM.P0W

    Diva Remix? Shut up, there’s no Diva Remix.
    Anyways, the song sucks and the lyrics are repetitive and predictable.


  8. sagb

    it sounds better than the last 2


  9. ;)

    cant wait!


  10. Boy Wonder

    JoJo looking damn good.

    I was feeling Pretty Girl Rock but I’m not really feeling this song. Keep trying Keri :)


  11. thestylisto

    i’m sorry but the song isn’t pulling. but i do have a habit of not liking a song at first then loving it like crazy later.. but i’m not sure about this one just yet. i hope the vid. pulls me in a lot more then the performance. because honestly, it wasn’t that great also!


  12. TYLER

    yall shut the fuck up there is not damn remix to no diva by keri hilson. lyin ass folks

    2nd her single is pretty girl rock. thats the only thing her fans should be focused on.

    you idiots should know keri hilson’s team gives her promo out the ass for her album they promote her.

    did you not see in a perfect world. knock you down was the MAIN single and MAKE LOVE with kanye west was the mini movie that helped the promo for the album. think ignorant ass black ppl. THINK.

    anyway good job keri lookin sexy. i will be buyin this album 5 times


  13. TYLER

    what song she only has out 1 single which is pretty girl rock. this is not gonna be released like everybody thinks the way you love me is promo just like make love video with kanye west was. breaking point is just an urban promo single it was not even sent to mainstream radio. the only single everybody should be worried about is pretty girl rock which is doing very well and is starting off better than knock you down. it should chart on the hott 100 next week


  14. carl

    Sounds like a headache if ever I heard one!


  15. LaMont

    Keri is oh so sexy! I can’t wait to see this video JoJo looks really good in the video promo pics.


  16. music guru

    Sux not a true performer more like a borer, and waist of time.


  17. G

    I am never going to like Keri’s music. I can tell you that right now.


  18. Will

    Keri Hilsons “Breaking Point” is doing very well right now. Has been #1 on 106 and Park now for 4 days straight and counting. Idk but why arent any of ciaras videos making the countdown? “Speechless” nor “Gimme That” has made the countdown it looks pretty dim for ciara at this point even after all those push backs.


  19. ceese

    Huh? Keri needs to stick to rnb and that song sounds so dated. I really like Pretty Girl Rock though.


  20. Slays your favs

    No Keri Hilson doesnt need to push her album back like ciara in a despeate move for sales. Nov 30th will be the final date. Pretty Girl Rock video should be getting released any day now. “No Boys Allowed” bitchhhhh.


  21. Yezzir

    This song sounds HOTTTT! I know when the mastered version gets leaked its gonna be fire. This is low quality from her performance back at the Beats by Dre.


  22. Hate is Love

    I miss the days when people didnt hate on artists now its all about whos better than who and blah blah blah. Its so pointless. There out there doing what they love to do while people just hate from there computers smh. Keri is a great artist and she is proving why she is a force to be reckoned with.


  23. the cool

    to that dumb ass n***A @will who pointed out that keris only accomplishments are on BET’S 106,well congrats anways basic instinct is still the most anticipated R&B ALBUM OF 2010 while keri cant even get a single to jump off,wait my bad,it can on BET lol


  24. Madison

    Keri JoJo Faith Rick Ross….you have my attention. Can’t wait to see the video. BUT, WHEN IS JOJO’S ALBUM COMING OUT??? HER STUPID LABEL IS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF. #getittogether


  25. Rafael

    Amo e adoro a Keri, alguem do brasil por aqui?SOu louco para conheçer a Keri pessoalmente nossa é linda de mais e ainda esta loira nossa te amo keri


  26. paulina

    @ the cool, ciara is kewl but is it really that anticipated?


  27. LAconic

    Breaking point is average, Pretty girl rock is somewhat catchy but very young girlish and this new song is just not hitting it. Unfortunately if she doesn’t start bringing that fire she will never get out of that “who’s better Keri or Ciara” sphere. Its a shame cause she can actually sing better than Ciara. I bought Keri’s first album and I thought it was solid (worth the money). This one is very suspect because it seems as though they’ve bunched all her singles together in a month. Almost as if they are hoping one will catch fire. I LoVE KERI and I’ve been riding hard for her BUTTTTTTTTTTTT…………She’s not making songs that I believe will have longevity…….BUT I’ll STILL SUPPORT MY WIFEY :)


  28. Andres

    @ Will ok here we go know the facts first then talk basic instinct of ciara has only be pushed back one time. it was for aug.17th and got pushed back to dec14 which is the final date when its going to come out!. GIMMIE DAT is already #4 video on 106andpark so i dont know wat u talkin about!


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