Ne-Yo Not Stressed Over Album Leak


A month before it hits U.S. stores on November 22, Ne-Yo’s fourth album Libra Scale has sprung a leak on the Internet. While promoting the project today in Japan, the singer-songwriter calmly accepted the premature release, but also had some words for those who leaked it.

“It has been brought to my attention that my album was hacked and leaked in the U.S. roughly a month before it’s U.S. release,” tweeted the R&B gentleman. “Initially this angered me. It’s stealing plain n’ simple. But then I started thinking. Why do I make music? To sell records, make money, or is it because I love it, love how it touches people, how it helps people? The honest answer is both.”

Despite his initial feelings, the 28-year-old chanteur has come to terms with the leak. “I’ve come to this place of mental peace. No longer stressing people that steal the music, how it’ll effect my sales,” he shared. “The bottom line is, I worked hard on this project. The music, the concept, the whole lot is for the people, respect or not.”

He also expressed that he isn’t focused on record sales, as long as he’s happy with the material. “Ether way, the music, the concept, the whole lot, served it’s purpose. It gave the people something quality to vibe to. I’m not solely in the business of selling records. I’m in the business of making art. That’s what an artist does, period.”

Of course, he couldn’t resist the urge to take aim at the leakers. “I’LL BE DAMNED IF YOU HACKER FUCKS GET MY NEXT ALBUM BEFORE IT’S TIME!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!! Have a nice day.”

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    his album isnt as good as i thought it was i am thinking of not coping *shrug*


  2. Misty

    Neyo is a fool. I didnt even know his album got leaked because I’m not CHECKIN’ 4 him! LOL now he has to bring attention to it so the little fans he does have will run out and cop it for free? Stupid move. It’s free, but I STILL don’t want it, so what was the point of this bitchfest again?? O ok..


  3. Keith

    I’m waiting on the official release date nov 22….I will support ne-yo….he really Does make create good songs!


  4. Matt

    He must be stoked. His singles aren’t performing and his album has been pushed back and now he can blame what will be poor sales on this leak. i doubt it’s worth even searching for the songs.


  5. kanyeah

    i bet he leaked it himself to blame the “early” leak for his underperforming sales in november!!! and honestly what do you expect if you release an album 1 month before in other parts in the world!!! that the us wont get a leak…lol… move on ne-yo^^


  6. D-King

    I like Ne-yo but I don’tthink this album will sale as his previous ones. For one he doesn’t really have a strong lead single like beofre with “Closer” and “Because of You”. Not only does he not have a lead single but everyone is too hyped about Nicki Minaj,Rihanna, and Kanye Wests albums to drop then worry about Ne-yo. I didn’t even know that his album was coming out next month. If I were him I would just wait till next year and then rework some of the songs get a strong single and then drop the album around April or May of 2011!! I mean I’m just so saying…………


  7. meme

    I shudnt be stress about the leak because that album wasnt gonna sell either way. now if Nicki or rihanna’s album leak thats a whole nother story because ppl actually cant wait to buy it


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    ummm like his honesty, but he should have expected this. The album comes out next week in Europe, usually the 2 weeks or the week b4 an album comes out it is leaked. If he didn’t want to Americans to have access to his album a month b4 it comes out then he should have had the release dates for each country be on the same week.

    Ne-yo will definitely sale in Europe, but in the US his singles aren’t doing so well. HE STILL has a fan base in the US. He sold 250,000 for the first week of Year of the Gentlemen. Ain’t not way he is gonna flop real hard since this is just the album after it that wasn’t too long ago. I predict something between 80k & 120k. If I wrong then eh.


  9. listen

    it’s not a leak if he’s holding the album in his hands as evident with this pic! i’m guessing it was released in Japan….but i guess he forgot we live in a truly global economy thanks to something called the INTERNET.


  10. Jay

    I’ve heard it and its a terrible album only good song…Beautiful Monster
    …Thats it The rest sound like things that should not have seen the light of day


  11. viciuzurban

    so much for a concept album? where’s the concept ne-yo? don’t blame the leak man. the music should be doing the talking.


  12. Ciaralover

    he should of released it this week, especially when it leaked 3 weeks ago + nicki minaj and kanye west are releasing their albums’s those days so im sure everyone will just skipped neyo anyways lol


  13. TYLER

    he will probably go platinum over seas you all are forgeting that his song monster was #1 in the UK and austrailia and a top 10 in japan


  14. Amy


    his song did not make it to #1 in Australia. I live in Australia and I never hear his songs the radio, he is irrelevant here. Even the crappy Australian artists get more airtime then him. I guarantee here he will make no album sales.


  15. jaboodi

    NEYO looks like Whoopi Goldberg!! Dang


  16. lalala

    @tyler “beautiful monster” was only #70 in japan. please stop lying and defending him and realize that his whole album libra scale and all the singles on it are a huge flop.


  17. Yeezy

    when u release an album 1 month earlier in some parts of the world, u cant stop the rest of the world gettin it.


  18. Kyle

    beautiful monster #1 in Australia?, he didn’t even make it on the charts lol :)


  19. Whatcha_Sayin

    can someone tell me wat is wrong with champagne life. i still cant stop playing that song. i can understand why beautiful monster underperformed in the us but champagne life is amazing.


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