Kid Cudi Forms Band, Begins Work on Rock Album

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi hasn’t even released his sophomore album yet, but he’s already on to the next one. Mr. Solo Dolo has announced that he has started recording his third rock-tinged LP.

“I already have three songs done,” the wordsmith revealed during a listening for Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager last night in New York City. He has formed a band and is working with Dot da Genius, the producer behind his 2009 hit “Day ‘N’ Nite.”

“Our band is called Wizard!” Cudder shared. “We’re starting to record on the tour bus. We’ll be doing college runs.” The rapper is learning the guitar for the occasion, something he wanted to do for the past decade. “I never thought I could play an instrument. I always downplayed that shit.”

The task was daunting to him at first. “It was like learning how to read sheet music. F**k that! That’s like learning how to read again!” But he’s putting himself up to the challenge of playing the guitar on every song and advised others to “at least give it a shot.”

As for Mr. Rager, which hits stores November 9, Cudi has a positive agenda. “This is an album that will get you through any problem that you may have, and I specifically made this album for y’all,” he stated. “When I was growing up, I didn’t have songs like this. This is my motivation.”

–Tanya Remekie

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  1. angel_cudi

    Wow Cudi is making moves, I really hope that he goes a long way. I love the fact that he just wants to make music and not getting lost in the limelight. Oh and that he has a lot freedom to do whatever he wants musically, seems like everyone else has to wait for someone to tell them to do something! 11/09/2010 #MOTM2

  2. Spencer

    Idk what to say about this. Im curious on how the song will sound. But in the end i support cudi and what he does with his music so GO CUDI!! rock our minds!


  3. Christian

    He’s helped me through alot of stuff so I just wanna give a shout out to Cudi. Keep doing what you do.

  4. Jake

    All I can say is wow Cudder, as much of a surprise this is to me I am all for more Cudi, maybe the band will spark something even more fresh only time will tell. Anyone else wondering if that Cudi and B.o.B album is still in the making? That I can’t wait forrrrr.

  5. Mr Xclusive

    this will flop

    Rebirth > this shit

  6. Mr.Man

    @ Mr Xlusive

    GTFO,it won’t flop and who cares if it flops,it’s still dope.Lil Wayne has purely sucked after Rebirth,half of INAHB sucked,Wayne will probably be better after jail though.It’s funny how you dislike Cudi but like Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. LMAO STFU

  7. jhuntdaprodigy

    @mr xlusive Oh please Erase Me > Whole Rebirth Album. I’ll give it a listen, it should be interesting. Soundtrack To My Life & Pursuit Of Happiness are still some dope songs I listen to whenever I’m feeling down.

  8. Lb___

    Kid cudi take over!!!!!!

  9. Adil

    This man is the best musician on this planet in my eyes! He has helped me incredibly throughout the last couple of years, It’s like he knows what i’m feeling and his songs relate to me on another level. Just want to say thank-you bro. You’re the man! Also, i’ve been waiting a long time for him to tour in the U.K and it was my new years resolution to watch him this year. Don’t let me down! ;)