Mariah & Nick Open Up About Miscarriage

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon confirmed that they are expecting their first child, but before they shared the good news with the world, Mariah revealed that she previously suffered a miscarriage. The day she and Nick went to Aspen two Christmases ago, the couple learned of the sad news and had to keep it to themselves. They open up about the heartbreaking moment in the first part of Billy Bush’s three-part interview on “Access Hollywood.”

“It definitely brought us together, it strengthened our relationship,” said Nick, who held his wife’s hand throughout the sit-down.

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  1. Julian

    wow. sorry to hear the sad news. but im happy for them.


  2. Caty

    OMG soo heartbreaking. I’m so happy for them and wish them all the best and yes I’m buying ur Xmas album next week Mimi. xoxo


  3. kim



  4. jjj

    ….lmao at the end! The woman is so anxious to hear about the sex.


  5. LiCari

    Aw man, I love them together.. and the miscarriage *tears* may explain why she was so stiff in some of her interviews of ’09 .. I LOVE YOU MIMI! <3


  6. p knowles

    Sorry to hear about your lost.I’m glad to see your stickin together…..Some people said it would not work but you two made them out to be liers and haters…i love you mimi


  7. Saad

    wow thats sad…but at least theres new life coming and that should always be celebrated.


  8. fly like a bird

    I wish you guys all the best.
    that’s gonna be one talented child.
    and i’m sorry for the miscarriage and operations.
    and for the haters these past year be careful with karma.


  9. ally

    Congrats!Let de bygones be bygones,cherish de present moments and take care.


  10. Melanie

    Oh Gosh, I’m so sorry to hear about her past pain, Mariah’s true fans we will always be there for her and happy for her, to all the haters who have been tearing her down the past year, like the comment before karama’s a mother! lol


  11. Bananarama

    I wish them the best always. =)



  12. nena

    07.06.10 at 8:33 pmCandiceNicki is NICE. I’m not with that Barbie crap. I do think her doing that crazy stuff got her more out there and noticed. Right now EVERYONE knows who Nicki Minaj is. She smart. Because wheeatr you like her or not people are messing with her. And those that don’t are just the few that DON’T. The chick started a wave and lots of chicks and dudes are riding it so dislike all you want


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