Video: Bei Maejor Makes a Halloween Beat

Bei Maejor

The multi-talented Bei Maejor (Ciara, Soulja Boy) shows off his beatmaking skills by using Halloween items to construct a spooky beat. The UMich grad shakes a bag of candy corn, dumps it into a bucket, and rolls a pumpkin against a window to create unique sounds that he reconfigures into a chilling instrumental. See what tricks and treats the 23-year-old hitmaker has up his sleeve and download his mixtape Upside Down if you haven’t already.

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  1. cayfresh

    very creative…I loved his mixtape Upside Down


  2. yeahyeah

    Damn, I’m 23 and I wish I knew how to play A instrument, but I guess it wasn’t in my DNA to play one. Haha.


  3. Phoenix_Wright

    cool, the process of producing is always interesting.

    yea his mixtape wasn’t bad


  4. loca

    OMG Bei Maejor is my favorite new artist…I love upside down


  5. NimJay

    Damn, that scary face again!
    Shit, I’m lucky it’s morning – I didn’t get too scared.

    - Nim


  6. meme

    yea i wish i cud do this too. he is talented. i love me some talented young artistic black men


  7. yaaa boii

    yaaa boii feelin thz beaatttt


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