Chris Brown’s Manhattan Shopping Spree

Chris Brown

Chris Brown hit up the town for a little shopping on Thursday (Oct. 28). The “Yeah 3X” singer breezed through the Lacoste store in midtown Manhattan with the company’s CEO Steve Birkhold to scoop up some fall fashions. He also surveyed the contemporary artwork at Opera Gallery in SoHo, taking a liking to a life-sized character and Marilyn Monroe-inspired painting. Check out what else piqued Chris’ interest below.

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  1. Ceejay

    he is beautiful :)


  2. piat

    Chris Brown and that smile of his! He really does love art and I can tell it gives him so much peace. I would if he would create an at-home art studio.


  3. Jayla

    Chris is soooo FINE!!!!!! damn and truely is interested in art…that shows how creative and imaginative he is..i lik smart guys..#YEAH3xonitunes


  4. novelero

    i want his you know what in my m-o-u-t-h. real talk :P


  5. tifanyy

    it’s cool that a great artist like that interest himself in differents arts

    he’s so gorgeous!
    can’t wait for his album

    be sure to get the “fan of a fan” mixtape with tygaaa

    if it’s not already done….


  6. Jason

    @novelero Wow! I can’t believe you wrote that…but girl/boy you made me laugh, so thank you! Btw I love his new song Yeah 3X.


  7. Glam Shots: Chris Brown Shopping In Manhattan

    [...] Take a look at the pics below via [...]

  8. fred

    i’ll never understand why flopp artists buy on shopping sprees when there money is running on empty…first ciara now him…oh well, if it still makes him relevant….


  9. Nate

    If this is the “art” that piqued his interest, he has absolutely no taste. There is so much better art out there–with more depth, creativity, refinement, and craft–that is going to be left ignored because of people like him, who choose to continually support vapid, cliche, and shallow paintings, sculpture, etc. that have very little to offer.


  10. tifanyy


    ciara and chris brown are the two greatest artsit of the generation

    so so what????? shut up if it’s for say bullshits on people that knock you down



  11. SandeePB

    Keep doing you Chris Brown :) You are amazing and your smile says it all :)


  12. ColgateSmile

    @Nate .
    .. you need to stop, art is totally relative and objective. Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean it is less “art” than any other piece of work. Obviously some people liked the work enough to put it up in a gallery in Soho…and all Chris is doing is looking at it! just like you are looking at it and coming up with your opinions about the art. You don’t know how he feels about the art…so why are you ranting???…stop and sit!


  13. Lorin

    I totally agree Fred. His “I’m artsy” campaign is waning.


  14. fred


    first off its called having a opinion so stop your crying and manic obsession and second for two people who are “two greatest artsits of the generation” funny how their relevancy and recognition amongst the public isn’t as high as it should be (well ppl did know chris after the abuse on his ex) but where are their grammys, where’s the sold out shows, where’s the smash albums?????? …nowhere to be found if you ask me

    looks and dancing can get you so far in this industry and if you don’t have the voice(in ciara’s case) to back it up then ur just a dancer…


  15. junior zale

    if you dont like the legend chris brown is then go leave your waste of time comments sumwhere else stupid retards


  16. dollars$$$

    You haters are just mad because yall can’t afford to go shopping. Everybody knows hating is a 24 hour job with no benefits. When it is all said and done, yall are broke…stop hating!


  17. ellis

    haters stay mad,thats how you will be mad love breezy.


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