J. Cole Reveals His Celebrity Crushes

J. Cole

J. Cole may have a lady in his life, but that can’t stop him from sharing his choice females. The Roc star reveals which three celebrity women he has a crush on.

Cole, pictured last night at VEVO’s party for CEMA in Chicago, recently told Funkmaster Flex his top choice hotties.

Nicki Minaj scores high with the “Who Dat” hitmaker. “Definitely Nicki Minaj, man, she’s on fire right now in more ways than one,” he told Flex of the Young Money raptress.

Also capturing his attention is Sin City actress Rosario Dawson because she’s hot “at all times.”

And the wild card is Iron Man 2’s Scarlett Johansson, who actor Ryan Reynolds put a ring on. “I’mma take it to left field, not really left field, but Scarlett Johansson, bro,” said Cole. “I coulda went Halle Berry, but I gotta pull out Scarlett Johansson ’cause she’s that thorough.”

J. Cole should have no problem scoring female attention as the buzz around his Roc Nation debut grows.

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  1. Bob

    his fingers are long lol



    i am a giant slut and also first!


  3. babygirl

    NICKI MINAJ?? sick……… he lost points with me


  4. Robjr Loves Ciara

    Lmaoooo DEAD at the first comment icant.com


  5. Bo

    Co-sign nicki but da ada 2 bitches wtf cole?


  6. niy fn stacks

    nikki is pretty get at dat


  7. Mely B

    Where is his media trainer?? At least show love for one chocolate sis! I just crossed him off my must buy list.


  8. Cole World

    ^ he should have a media trainer to tell him what girls he can like? what a dumb reason not to like an artist. he’s better off not having narrow minded fans like you.


  9. TYLER

    @mely b is the definition of jealous black girls. I hate when black girls get mad because somebody don’t want a sister as you would call it. The dude is mixed 1st of all he is not all the way black and only a small percentage of black he mostly german and he said he mostly likes german and white girls.

    before anybody calls me racist im black by the way. just can’t stand when females get mad about shit like that.


  10. jk



  11. BoyWonder

    @Mely B is it that serious? Lemme save you the trouble no it’s not. Just cause some ppl are biased against dark skinned women doesn’t mean this dude is. He named his top three. HIS top three. Not yours.


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