New Music: Kid Cudi f/ Mary J. Blige – ‘These Worries’

Kid Cudi and Mary J. Blige

Kid Cudi enlists Mary J. Blige for the dark “These Worries,” one of two cuts on which she’s featured on his sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (Nov. 9). With a clattering beat courtesy of Emile and Polow da Don, the track features the Lonely Stoner rapping about being “alone for the umpteenth time,” throwing it to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul for an emotional chorus. Cast off your worries by listening below.

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  1. OMG

    It’s OK song, nothing special to me


  2. SR

    it hase no beat, the lyrics are good and i love the co-up


  3. mike

    what the hell is this? maybe this isn’t final? cudder would never put something this terrible on his album.


  4. kelvin

    I Love this song !


  5. DCCF

    okaaay soo like 5 songs were leaked and they reported this one? still a great song


  6. fredy

    hell yeah im in school and two leaks already ugh yeah


  7. DramaQueen

    love it!


  8. hiphop Police

    @sr it does have a beat. The song has good and bad spots to me.


  9. robocop

    what bugs me is idiots that find this “unfinished” or not having a “beat”. those people have been to busy listening to Flo Rida, Taio Cruz and Justin Bieber, or must have tiny brains. This is a dope song. Cudi is one of the only artists (in the mainstream), like Kanye, who wanna progress hip hop. And get it away from the realm of Ke$ha and Owl City. So to all of you, take some Motrin, it might help with your Bieber Fever.


  10. Ðee ™

    <3 it`s soo cool.


  11. B. Pepsi

    I love this song. I think it’s awesome and for those of you who don’t like it apparently you just can’t relate!


  12. REM

    loove it so different


  13. caroline

    kid cudi is a boss, and everyone should know that.


  14. benji boi

    this is a tune ! kid cudis done it again


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