Video: Rihanna Performs on ‘SNL’


Rihanna provided the soundtrack for the Halloween episode of “Saturday Night Live,” performing her new single “What’s My Name?” (sans Drake) and “Only Girl (In the World)” from her forthcoming album Loud. As soon as she finished taping, she boarded a private jet to the U.K. where she will perform on “The X Factor.” Watch the lady in red rock 30 Rock below.

“What’s My Name?”

“Only Girl (In the World)”


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  1. jonNbk

    this was a really good performance,, well at least vocally


  2. back2basics

    I really enjoyed this performance


  3. Bruu

    rihanna has greatly improved his vocal performance! the stage presence was also increased and she sang super tune! rihanna congratulations keep it up!


  4. You Kno Me

    Rihanna looks so sexy these days… did she get a lil thick? her legs look so scrumtious


  5. Juny

    Very Beautiful!
    sing perfect!


  6. tell'em

    OH NA NA! I liked her performance and it will only get better considering this is her first performance of it.


  7. vanya1199

    beautiful performance, Rihanna is so sexy … sex


  8. 49ers160

    Seriously guys. That was not a good performance. I like Rihanna, but she’s not a good live performer.


  9. MexicanMami



  10. Tessy

    She vocals are horrible. And she is stiff.
    What a mess. lol.


  11. Beystanbish

    Death. What are these bitches up top hearing. Delusions I tell you.


  12. vanya1199

    “What’s My Name?” – Rihanna sang well…wonderfully,so haters SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!

    “Only Girl (In the World)” today, Rihanna will sing on X-Factor UK


  13. RuffRuff

    OMG. Only Girl was terrible. How can you butcher you own sungs


  14. Kahari

    In my opinion, Rihanna is a studio singer, someone who can cleanup very well in the recording process, as this is the only way she actually lay down a successful melodic foundation. The chief characteristic of Rihanna’s voice, is after all, a nasal emptiness that rarely makes room for actual feelings to bulldoze their way through. And not to mention the blankness of the vocal runs she attempts to refresh the musical formation, it sounds very strained and dull. I suggest this chick couple up with a good vocal trainer and develop a technical vocal skill because she has her work cut out for her. I’ll download LOUD! when it leaks on via Mediafire because I expect it to be nothing similar to its name…


  15. listen

    rihanna has definitely grown from the days when she was singing “hero” at her high school talent show, but she will never go down in history for her singing abilities. she’s an entertainer. but watching “what’s my name,” did you see how after the second ‘oh na na,’ the black girl gives the other background singer the side eye for being off key and after she messes up again, rihanna turns around like, ‘b!t#@, change the mic,’ but she plays if off with a smile. hilarious and was the highlight of that entire performance.


  16. Mya

    What a MESS!


  17. Basic Instinct

    Ciara is Queen!!!

    Rihanna Who?


  18. vanya1199

    Basic Instinct

    Come take a rest

    Rihanna is the queen … Rihanna the best )))))))))))))


  19. a-town

    riri >>>>>>>> cici.


  20. TUMTUM

    well then
    I liked her ‘whats my name’ performance..
    but ‘only girl’?.. im sorry but the song straight defeated her :/


  21. PRESSED?

    she straight up KILT what’s my name!


  22. Narek



  23. harvey


    are you a dumbass yo ass Better buy LOUD…RiRi going back to her roots with this new album ,Barbadoes-246 Straight.


  24. meme

    YES!!! Bitch slayed. Loveit Whats my name performance. Ciara if u reading this, please take note…you do not have to be all over th fall sweating up ur puss to look hot. Rihanna wind and move so sexy with little efford. Gud job.


  25. tee

    she cant sing,not hating just my opinion
    she looks cute tho


  26. Droppin Bombs

    I thought she sounded great. Dont know what some of you are hearing. And seems we get another performance of X Factor tonite.


  27. bajan cajun

    her what’s my name performance was good but only girl in the world…yea…she is a studio artists when ur in the studio its not even bout editing its about starting over when you keep messing up or when it sounds BAD!!! so im sure rihanna has a voice but your gonna have to wait awhile to you hear it…


  28. MB92

    Look im a Stan of Ciara’s, but i am so tired of people bring her up in a Rihanna or Keri Hilson Post. anyways for some reason i can’t watch the video’s. oh well im sure i haven’t missed anything, rihanna puts on the same performance each and everytime, just different props


  29. king

    rihanna is the best that is y she has many haters love rihanna buy loud


  30. Alwaysontime

    rihanna is definately not the best. Just built her career on her physical qualities

    thanx to her stylist, and her producers


  31. fabrice

    ilove you rihanna


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