Video: Soulja Boy Talks Social Media, Performs ‘Speakers Going Hammer’

Soulja Boy and Lee Hawkins

Soulja Boy has risen to fame and fortune due in part to his use of social media. The 20-year-old rapper, who has 2.5 million Twitter followers and over 500 million views on YouTube, spoke to The Wall Street Journal‘s Lee Hawkins as part of “WSJ Weekend Conversations.”

The “music industry’s king of social media” discussed how he uses the Internet to market himself, his next big idea, who he turns to for advice, and working with Kanye West and Kid Cudi on his new album The DeAndre Way, due November 30. He didn’t leave without performing his Boi-1da-produced single “Speakers Going Hammer.” Watch below.

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  1. Blizzy Blake G

    you may not like this nigga.but he must be doing something right


  2. Blizzy Blake G

    he is doing something right


  3. cute stuff 555

    Solga boy fine I kno wut all yoll hates talkin about if yoll got a prob go tell that to his face cuz yoll kno yoll won’t wut he got


  4. Swag

    i think Soulja Boy is very clever. Using the internet and everything. i like how he is involved in all aspects of his music, producing his own songs, videos and websites. Okay so he isnt the best rapper (and i think he’d agree) but he is driven and does have a good ear for a beat. He knows what he wants and gets it. I think thats why he is deserving. Its obvious he’s worked hard and it not just been handed on a plate to him. I respect that. do ur think Soulja.


  5. Music Lover

    he need to pull his f*cking pants go.


  6. therealsouljagurl



  7. Dan King

    Huge Fan..)awesome..)d


  8. Freezy

    Ok, the interview was cool i guess but what tha hell did he do with his performance? – he was totally off the beat and the playback and he forgot the text in the second part. i love soulja, but this was garbage.


  9. jay jae

    huge fan


  10. Queen D

    U tell em Soulja Boy! U are and always will be part of Hip HOp, U r the Hip POP star of Hip Hop! U r doing everything right, go get ur money, Proud Of U!!! The Hip Hop Network


  11. ponyo

    i just love soulja boy…..tellem


  12. MKTMrRandom

    Soulja 4got da wordz hahaha.he waz high az fuck


  13. MKTMrRandom

    Soulja boy high az hell for tha performance


  14. canta perro el wey

    Canta perro compren su disco


  15. KashFlowRayB

    souljaboy im taking in every step you just said


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