New Music: Diddy-Dirty Money – ‘Coming Home’

Diddy-Dirty Money

Diddy takes off his shades and does some soul searching on “Coming Home,” the new single from his oft-delayed album Last Train to Paris (Dec. 14). The triumphant tune was produced by Alex Da Kid (“Love the Way You Lie”), penned by Jay-Z, and features vocals from Alex’s artist Skylar Grey. You may recognize the beat from J. Cole’s “I’m Coming Home.”

“What am I ‘posed to do when the club lights come on/ It’s easy to be Puff, but it’s harder to be Sean/ What if my twins ask why I ain’t married their mom?” questions the reflective superstar. Celebrate his homecoming below.

Diddy-Dirty Money – “Coming Home”

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  1. jhuntdaprodigy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Diddy f*cked this song up man, Cole’s version was awesome, and this is just a waste of a dope song. This should’ve been cole’s breakout hit


  2. Dillon_68

    I haven’t heard Cole’s version, but this one isn’t that good.





  4. listen

    whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy????? isn’t this like the 20th track that has leaked from the album? aside from Janelle, is this the only other release from Bad Boy? pitiful. this project is going to tank. the music from Press Play was way better than this stuff. this marks the end of bad boy.


  5. pia

    i love this song–awesome Diddy dirty money


  6. toya

    can’t wait till the cd comes out, love Diddy


  7. Do You


    This song isn’t leaked. Puff premiered it on the MLB World Series last night & then it was released.

    Although, I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t like Puff rapping (I prefer he sing), this is a nice song. It actually has meaninful lyrics behind it & the hook is HOT! Dawn & Kalenna sound really good, as usual. Some may hate Diddy but one thing you can’t deny is that dude has a good ear. All of Dirty Money’s songs so far have been dope. I’m buying the album! Gotta support good music, especially with today’s market sounding EXACTLY THE SAME… EVERYWHERE!


  8. vmars08

    This is trash. Why is that Skylar chick on it anyway when Diddy has Dawn & Kaleena right there?! This & “Loving You No More” has me much less confident about LTTP than “SHADES”, “Hello Good Morning”, “Love Come Down”, & even “Angels” did. Speaking of “Shades”, I REALLY hope the album has more material written by James Fauntleroy on it!


  9. mike

    Jesus, diddys flow is so wack. J.cole’s version is much better, and j.cole wasnt even goin in on it..shows how much diddy killed a bad way.. smh


  10. Mr C To Tha B

    Cole’s version was waaaaaaaay better period


  11. Alex

    J. Cole’s version is so much better…


  12. Dan King

    It’s Nice to Hear a Conversation with Lyrics, Rather than Just sayin’ shit that rhymes..)d


  13. Jarvis

    I’m over Diddy-D-Money — or whatever you call…just another failed group by p.diddy….he should’ve stuck with DK instead of tryig to be a tyrant.NEXT.


    shakenya Reply:

    @Jarvis, man you is trippin alot lol


  14. ColeBreeze



  15. ahidet

    haven’t heard coles version, but i bet its way better than this


  16. Ross

    awful!!! but that what you get from him


  17. jericho



  18. Mr C To Tha B

    It’s no hating
    This version is just less music than Cole’s
    No hating ;)


  19. LAD



  20. keke

    this song is so cool i love this song its my only song i hear this song alot but it reminds me off when my dad went to jail and i miss him so much i cry to see him i can’t wait for him to get home every time i hear this song i cry sometimes hope he comes home


  21. lydia kabugua

    i haven’t heard Cole’s version but MAN!!!!!! i just love this song, my 12 year old loves it and she has taste!!!!!


  22. Michele

    I like the song, but when you watch the video with it I like it much better. He may not be the best rapper but his words are deep and I can relate to some of the things he says. The hook is awesome and my favorite part. Those two girls have incredible voices.


  23. ILY>Lexi!!!!

    man dat song go hd i dnt no wat mst of yall people be talkin bout juxx lisen now im comin hme ayyye


  24. zenno

    fuck ya’all that condemns Diddy.
    Ya’all are too small to be seen by Him

    I love Diddy .
    I love S k y l a r G r e y

    the song is inspiring


  25. Big Mike

    This song is telling alot about his life n it is one of the best songs ever


  26. rexie

    diddy wen r u comin to africa,i min thats home


  27. Nono

    Beautiful Diddy, thanx . I bought the album, and those gals are stunning and their voices awesome. Much love…


  28. Gabby

    All yall haters shutup Diddy is AMAZING!!!:)) <333 DIRTYMONEY foe eva!!


  29. shakenya

    i love this song and if you don’t like it hey you don’t like it but i do


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