T.I. Thanks Fans, Checks Back Into Prison


T.I. bid his friends and family adieu today, returning to prison to start serving his 11-month sentence. The King of the South checked into an Arkansas facility earlier this afternoon, turning himself in after getting arrested for violating his probation.

“Hey yall #teamTI will be holding me down on this front with updates until I return. Thx for your continued support. In a minute….#NoMercy,” tweeted the rapper before heading off to do his bid.

Tip will go through the regular process once arriving at his new home, meaning he will be processed, photographed, and given a bunk assignment, reports TMZ.

Less than a year ago, the Atlanta rapper found himself in a similar situation after pleading guilty to federal weapons charges. He served 10 months behind bars in Arkansas and was released in December.

Meanwhile, his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle was charged with drug possession following her September arrest in Los Angeles. If convicted, she could face a year-long sentence.

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  1. AnnkA

    more like King Of The Flops! SMH!


  2. Lily=]

    i hope my bby learns a lesson :) i will miss him sooo much :(


  3. A Realist

    That’s a damn shame.


  4. TrapPrince

    God bless the king. He will cme back even betta nd much stronger.


  5. Nick

    I have no respect for him anymore. Goodbye T.I.


  6. tifanyy

    o my gosh

    i will miss him

    he’s the best rapper of the year

    music insustry needs people like that!

    hopfully, he did a video with chris brown king who’ll be realesed in not a lot of time
    his album will be fire
    we love the king T.I


  7. ...

    if you notice, nowhere does he mention being sorry for his actions, growing, or learning from his mistakes. he’s so focused on the celebrity aspect of T.I. that he’s forgotten that he’s still clifford, y’know?


  8. Mr Xclusive

    see ya TIP …learn something brotha


  9. RL

    what an idiot.


  10. saad

    aww tip. Hope you actually learn something something this time. Keep ya head up.


  11. King_Uncaged



  12. ntzie

    lil wayne out T.I in. Hate or love him(t.i), he s de best


  13. king e.i

    He’s the next DMX in the making- constantly in and out of prison.

    My god, it’s such a shame because he has so much talent too.


  14. ST8OFEMS

    T.I. Is Still Tha Shit. Fuck Tha Haters. Like Yall Don’t Make Mistakes. Get Tha Fuck Outta Here.


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