Timbaland Announces Timbo Thursdays


Kanye has G.O.O.D. Fridays on lock, Swizz Beatz has claimed Monster Mondays, and now Timbaland wants a piece of the action.

Following in the footsteps of his music industry peers, the super-producer revealed that he may be releasing his own free music on Thursdays.

“So my brother told me kanye is puttin out a new song every friday call good fridays, swizz got mondays,” said Timbo, who recently joined Twitter. “I dont know if they are on twitter but can you hit them up and tell them reserve that thursday for timbo da king baby. We’ll call it timbo thursday cool?”

While we await the music maestro’s first offering, fans will be happy to know that he is finishing up his next album Shock Value III. Watch a new clip of him in the studio below.

Are you excited at the prospect of Timbo Thursdays? Tell us below.

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  1. boom.BOOM.P0W

    Timbo is Da King


  2. humberto

    Timbo Da King?

    Not that much, Timbaland,
    since FutureSex/LoveSounds you are getting boring…


  3. Patrique

    Timbo is simply da greatest n dis move wil simply solidify him as da top dog.


  4. G

    Nowadays, I must say Timbaland’s magic has died down quite a lot.

    Monster Mondays, Timbo Thursdays, GOOD Fridays… it’s fantastic that these musicians are doing a favour for their supportive fans.


  5. Travis

    It’s a bit of a killjoy that all these artists are doing the thing Kanye started, and it doesn’t seem as interesting. Plus timberland’s really fell off after Shock Value 1.


  6. Jarvis

    Timbo “mojo” has died down for a long time now…maybe he can revive hiself on Brandy’s new album?


  7. BooDi

    thats sound really good :)

    timbo da king baby yeaah ;D


  8. D.G.T

    I have SVI and SVII. Didn’t like SVII that much so don’t disappoint Timbaland!!!

    Timbo Thursdays!!!


  9. youdontneedtoknow

    ye why not!


  10. You Kno Me


    Kanye wasnt the first to start this trend FYi


  11. Somebody

    Go Timboooo!! Fck Kanye… No producer can mess wid timbaland.. diss n!gga izz in da game 4 bout 11 yearss n every year gettin better GO TIMBOOO!


  12. ULISES

    Hell YEAH!


  13. t-bib

    Kanye’s Good Friday >> all releases from other artists!
    Plus since Shock Value 1, timbo makes really shitty tracks, he’s far to be the timbo that we love when he worked with Aalyiah, Missy or even Justin Timberlake.


  14. JahLiss

    Kanye owns it, so just stop the trend right now


  15. @Mario_Luan

    Uhm…. that’s gonna be sick… Swizz and Timbo’s tracks every week…. they could create a album


  16. LEWIS92



  17. bgbenz92

    Tss why everyone biting off of Kanye? Whats next “Weezy Wednesdays”?


  18. reginae hutt

    @bgbenz92 u kno wat? Ur prolly rite lmao


  19. jenny

    TIMBO THE KING all the other “PRODUCERS” (except kanye and will i am) are shit


  20. djinvincible74

    Nice! I’ve been a fan of Timbo since Aayliah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew”. He’s had over a decade of hits with his productions on “Try Again”, “Luv 2 Luv Ya”, “Get Ur Freak On”, “Cry Me A River”, “Maneater”, “4 Minutes To Save The World”, and “The Way You Are” along with his remixes of “My Little Secret”, “Go Deep”, and “Turn Off The Light”.

    He’s created so many different sounds over the years and I’m sure he can reinvent himself again.


  21. G86

    Why the f*ck would anyone even hint at complaining about a mega-producer releasing music and actually giving it away for free on purpose this time!? Who started the trend is completely irrelevant except for when giving props to that person for starting it. Whether it was Kanye or not, he has set a great example for the concept and he has even given us music that never got to be released, and I hope for the same with Timbo. I mean if the Fauntleroy/Brandy tracks such as back ‘Back together’, ‘Believer’& ‘Who’s the loser now’ from the Brandy-’Human’ sessions hadn’t leaked we probably never would have heard them and those are some great tracks!
    to bgbenz92: as before he was sent to jail, when weezy is released every wednesday is weezy wednesday whether he would officially call it that or not, just as new weezy songs is released all the other days of the week… :)


  22. jhuntdaprodigy

    It’s not like nobody ever did anything like this b4 Ye, it’s just nobody’s ever did it on as big a scale as Ye has, or as well as Ye has. But I’m all for it, I’m interested in hearing some new music from him, maybe his songs won’t be that great, but maybe they will. I blv he’s been cooking up some dope beats these past few months he’s kept a low profile


  23. ST8OFEMS

    I Don’t Give A Damn What U Gotta Say. Timbaland Is Always Gonna Be Tha Shit!


  24. JP

    kanye didn’t start this
    lloyd banks mentioned starting it first and kanye ran with his idea
    but even if his good fridays are dope doesn’t mean other people like swizz and timbaland can’t do the same
    just support the music everyone


  25. 2XCL

    I hope he steps it up for his next album. Shock value 2 turned out to be such a let down. And he needs to pick better artists to do songs with on the album, no miley cyrus sh*t.


  26. YeezyFan

    timbo died when AALIYAH did. he aint released anything good since


  27. sagb

    i think imma like timbo Thursday more lol..and yeah shoch value 2 wasnt all that so he better step it up


  28. Timbo

    Timbo is still the King!


  29. Eddy

    Hope it will be good music…


  30. ccc1990

    cool. I’m anticipating good things.


  31. unk

    Tim respects kanye especially and he wants us to hear his music i think this is a good thing


  32. omotosho

    Wats up boy





  34. everybody

    hells yeah. he’s one of the best musicians ever.


  35. Kirby

    Omg i hope the songs are good. I dont agree that shock value 2 was terrible. My favorite was If We Ever Meet Again. Possibly his best song ever! Maybe he will release Getaway feat michelle branch in the U.S.!


  36. [email protected]

    Anyone who says Tim fell off since Sexy Back is your typical gossip-magazine reading consumer.

    Timbaland is a genius producer with an untouchable legacy, and I can’t wait for whatever he does next.


  37. blaze23naish

    First off, Crooked I started the free exclusives every week a couple a years back with his Hip-Hop Weekly campaign’s (Just finished his 3rd) Secondly, I’m enjoying, Ye and Banks but Swizz has been a lil flat, just hope Timbo can deliver cus regardless of what anyone says he is having a dip, does anyone actually know when his first release will be though as this storys been running for weeks and no product yet!!!!


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