Video: Drake Gives Lambo to Jas Prince

Drake was in a generous mood. He called one of his best friends Jas Prince on stage at a show in Houston last week. “All them hatin’ ass bitches, they about to go ham though/ When they see me in that Maybach and you in that Lambo,” he rapped before handing over the keys to a shiny red Lamborghini as a birthday gift. Jas, son of Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince, was the one who introduced Drake to Lil Wayne. Drizzy, can we please be your friend?

[Rap Radar]

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  1. ciarastan4

    hey drake i changed my name to jas prince now can i get a lambo?


  2. ItsOscarYO

    God damn, that’s a nice color.



    Thats is a real friend :)


  4. ponyo

    thats whts up drake…a true friend……but don’t spend all ya money in one place..


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