Eminem, Kanye West, & Christina Aguilera Guest on T.I.’s ‘No Mercy’

No Mercy

A somber T.I. looks down on the black-and-white cover art for No Mercy, in stores December 7. The incarcerated rapper’s seventh studio album features appearances from Eminem, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, The-Dream, and Chris Brown (“Got Your Back”), with production from heavy-hitters Dr. Luke, Danja, Jim Jonsin, and more.

“This album represents some of my best work inspired by my most recent best and worst life experiences,” stated an introspective Tip. “They say adversity brings forth inspiration so y’all can imagine how inspired I’ve been during the recording process for this album. I’ve been taking stock of myself and digesting eveyone’s comments and criticisms. Now it’s my turn to express myself and take you into my mind. The real won’t hate and the truth won’t wait! If God is with me who can be against me.”

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  1. trippin456

    wow i reckon this will be one of the best albums in years! i for one will be coping this album!


  2. A Realist

    I’m excited for this. I like T.I.’s work.


  3. jhuntdaprodigy

    I really hope Yeah Ya Know, Got Your Back, Pledge Allegiance To The Swag, & Ya Hear Me aren’t on this album, because all them songs are weak. I liked I’m Back, but seeing as he no longer is, that isn’t a logical song to put on his album either. I don’t even like Get Back Up that much though… Hopefully the nigga got some heat on there though


  4. @lukasfakhouri

    ‘got your back’ will be on this album?


  5. Yan

    i really hope “Got your back” it’s on the album, SMH


  6. @Dreamescape88

    really? “Yeah You Know” & “Ya Hear Me” better be on there


  7. Will

    Horrible album cover


  8. kani



  9. reginae hutt

    I’m ready for dis one rite here. ‘No Mercy’ and ‘No Boys Allowed’ will be on my list


  10. RajibDavid

    Christina Aguilera!


  11. Dave

    Chrissy on T.I.P.’s album, that was unexpected. Seriously.. can’t wait to hear that track


  12. mk


    i thought gaga was gonna be on this, oh well she’s weird anyways ~_~


  13. Lisa

    Finally Christina and Tip collaborate. I love them so much!


  14. Dillon_68

    Chris Brown’s on “Get Back Up”, not “Got Your Back”, that would be Keri Hilson. Next time, check your typos Rap-Up, lol.


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  16. FullyJoey

    The Eminem song will be interesting. After Eminem doing pretty average verses on both ‘Love the way you lie part 2′ and ‘Roman’s revenge’ I will be looking forward to hopefully an effort equivalent to his verse on ‘Forever’.


  17. Annie

    Floptina song Castle Wall already leak online. wasn’t good.


  18. hunter

    O i can’t wait to her the song with Christina Aguilera. She always mixes her genres up, so its going to be kewl to hear what they came up with…awesome


  19. Stevie Tempah

    is the lady gaga song going to be on this?


  20. dimitraShady

    Eminem wanted to work with him since 2008. I’m glad it’s happening. Eminem is the best out there and everything he’s involved in is quality guaranteed! #TeamShady


  21. K.K.

    ‘No Mercy’ music: good :)
    ‘No Mercy’ cover: the worst! :(


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  23. Jordin

    Can’t wait to hear the collabs with Eminem and Xtina!


  24. Max

    This should of happened years ago. Now that they are both at the lowest point of their careers, they decide to join disappointing forces?


  25. tiffany

    this will be the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest album

    best artists on it (chris brown, keri, eminem…………..°
    Best songs(O.M.G “get back up” give me thrills!!!!!! and “got your backk”!!)

    can’t wait
    one of my christmas’s presents!!!


  26. Yes

    I will be there first thing to pick up the album.


  27. Christina <3


  28. Ron



  29. jason

    omg christina aguilera is on it cant wait


  30. dd

    I cannot wait!!! christina and eminem :D they are the best


  31. Bee

    Eminem&Xtina, it’s gonna be great!i wish there was an eminem and xtina collab for his or her album


  32. jason

    omg christina aguilera on this albem cant what now i love her she is so good to collab with i loved p diddy tell me song with christina


  33. maya nelson

    CHRISTINA ON T.I.’s ALBUM?! Just gave me more reasons to buy his album! Can’t wait to hear that song! OMG JUST MADE ME SO EXCITED! I was going to buy this album anyways though…


  34. Cabkit.In


    Rap-Up.com || Eminem, Kanye West, & Christina Aguilera Guest on T.I.’s ‘No Mercy’

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