New Music: Kanye West – ‘All of the Lights’

Kanye West

Kanye West ups the star wattage on “All of the Lights,” the third single from his fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (due Nov. 22). Rihanna, Elton John, Fergie, John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, La Roux’s Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Kid Cudi lend a hand on the all-star collaboration. Listen below!

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  1. B-Rad

    I’ve been waiting to hear the whole version of this song since the Runaway Movie… I’ve finally hear and its crazy fire!!!


  2. Queen

    Lemme listen to this again, I didnt like it on 1st listen.
    And the only people that I heard was Rihanna, Fergie, and John Legend


  3. ratedblazer



  4. LoudestDudeYeah



  5. shermoon

    what a waste of names

    should of been just rihanna and ye….everyone else was just 4 name sake

    and at the 4 min mark…is that alicia or rihanna…if it is alicia then kanye shoud have just had rihanna and would be still had a hit


    Waffleszs Reply:

    @shermoon, It’s not jist for names sake, it’s because Kanye wanted all of his favourite vocalists in one song to create a unique vocal texture.


  6. Queen

    I dont like this.
    Another over-hyped song by Kanye


  7. Giamma

    Kanye & Rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    as always


  8. alonZo

    its good..i like it but i dont love it


  9. mesouth

    Lately people use the word “over hyped” and “over rated” as alternatives to “I don’t undastand such greatness, I’m sorry”


  10. headphones

    he should have spread out the artists a little bit… alicia’s part was like 20 seconds lol but she sounded good.. i don’t remember hearing Ryan Leslie, Charlie Wilson or Elly Jackson, but the song is cool, has a nice sound.


  11. Moshood Barrow

    the only people that I hear Rihanna, Fergie, and John Legend

    he should of kept drake rap


  12. David

    dont think this is the final…
    better yet i know its not the final

    trust me… this song is going to be epic


  13. Music King

    The arrangement of this song was great, it has so many layers in the production etc, this will be a number 1 hit … I guarantee it.


  14. Anthony

    Alicia should of gotten more shine but still a good song


  15. Tahmeed Ahmed

    I can’t really hear anyone apart from Rihanna but I still love it!


  16. EL

    I don’t think this is the final. But I love it.

    Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Elly Jackson and Charlie Wilson (Yeezy’s fave background vocalist) weren’t even featured here. I think this is the shortened single edit.

    The album version is supposedly something like 10 minutes+ long…


  17. henry

    shits fire yo


  18. Tahmeed Ahmed

    Sorry I can La Roux, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Fergie and Kid Cudi, the rest not so much, but a few listens and I think I might get to hear all of them :D


  19. allen

    rihanna dope hook fergie sickkk but who did the eh eh eh thing that sucks


  20. math_

    LOVE it!

    Fergie’s part <3


  21. You Kno Me



  22. Shakera

    It would have been better with just Kanye Rihnna and Fergie


  23. Phoenix_Wright

    ummm was I the only 1 who didn’t hear Ryan, Dream, Elly Jackson (& a few others)

    Maybe I have to listen again. Good song, of course I expected to be blown away tho.


  24. westminaj

    dope track.except this song is basically a really long chorus with 2 verses from Mr. West and one from Fergie. i think everyone needed ther time to shine (which they didnt get) and if the song were longer and had the vocalists more spread out it would be doper. and i didnt even hear elly jackson, charlie wilson, tony williams or ryan leslie


  25. jhuntdaprodigy

    This song is dope, but it really should’ve just been Kanye & Rihanna, or at least the single version whatever though…


  26. Brionna

    I really wanted to like this song… its ok i love RIRI on the hook and i hate fergie’s verse im not in love with it tho


  27. blue moon

    yea i heard more artists than everyone else:
    John Legend
    Alicia (although she had NOOO lyrics, ???)
    Kid Cudi
    ….and Charlie wilson, I think

    The rest was nowhere to be heard, especially ELTON JOHN, that was the one i was looking forward to, but something tells me that this isnt the final, the final will be epic, but this is still a hit!!!!

    P.S. it wouldve been a hit just rihanna and one other artist


  28. gabe

    once this song got to fergies part it was ruined. before that it sounded great. this song would have been perfect with three kanye verses and rihanna on the hook but once again kanye tried to over do it


  29. Splash777

    Kanye West is garbage and this song is another P.O.S. in a long line of…crap! He’s almost as bad as Diddy & Jay-Z but even he can’t be that bad which says a lot.


    missdestinia Reply:

    @Splash777, u garbage this song is not garbage


  30. Christian

    Yeah I didn’t hear a lot of the artists on the album, but that may be because they are all on the ‘All of the Lights (Interlude)’. It’s about the only thing that makes sense to me as of now.


  31. LOpoin

    At the beginning, you can hear The Dream make some soft back voices;I heard Rihanna for the hook, Fergie, Elton John is playing piano for the end. Kid Cudi is singing with the piano. It following with a third verse, I thought it was M.I.A. rapping lol. La Roux and Alicia Keys are singing together. (Woooouhwoo !!)…. Whatever I HEARD EVERYONE !!


  32. Dillon_68

    Sounds like T-Pain at the end, lol. Add his name to the list…

    But I was pleasantly surprised at this, especially since it’s unfinished!


  33. mike

    This is dope even though its not the album version. The albums version is over 9 minutes long. I imagine in the longer version you will be able to hear everyone.


  34. westminaj

    i hope fergie looks back, and realizes what a mistake she made ruining a perfectly good Kanye song. shame on you Fergie…. SMH


  35. ponyo

    this sounds unfinished i wait for the album….cause this sound chopped and screwed


  36. Mr Xclusive

    i wish drake was on it


  37. Realtalk

    All y’all stupid he used all there voices together throughout the song it’s not just everyone singing at once. And this shot shows the measure of greatness that kanye west is


  38. Justinbeebssenior

    Wheres ryan leslie? & i guess i’m the only one that thought elton john was unecessary lol


  39. hip hop police

    I appreciate this track. Nice concept. Kanyes a damn good producer.


  40. Drizzzzzzzzzzzzy

    Any way we can get the Untagged version?


  41. YeezyFan

    @blue moon, i think Elton John is on the piano. at least he was meant to be. kanye and rihanna shoulda done this song without anyone else altho i just heard them n fergie (who was pathetic) n john legend (aight but riri did it better)


  42. LALA BK 718



  43. Shady

    there are 2 versions on the album! interlude and another version.. so I think the other one is with ryan leslie etc..


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  46. AnnkA

    all I heard was Rihanna, it’s like the other people are not even there!
    anyway, the song is really good!


  47. Tiffany

    I like it but it is definitely a bit too much with everyone on it. I agree it should have been just Kanye and Rihanna. I do not favor Charlie Wilsons voice that much.


  48. Zeezy

    This is not the whole thing!!!


  49. jeremydante

    people are too stupid to realize that the vocals are in a choral arrangement. it’s not intended for each voice to be heard as one, it’s a collective sound. you can hear ryan’s tone, alicia on the tracks breakdown & of course, rihanna. everyones tone & vocal signatures were used to build a strong choir for the track.

    how about people learn a few things about music before going in on it.


  50. Jarvis

    Where is R-Leslie…i was hoping to hear him and more of A.Keys


  51. Rachel

    Can’t wait to hear the whole song.


  52. giovy

    Love this song!!!
    Fergie’s part is the best of the song!!!


  53. Skylar

    I like the new version more than the really short 2:30 version he had out a few weeks ago. It does seem that ‘Ye is using a few too many names? If that’s possible. But at least he uses them well.



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  55. kosovo

    OOOMGGG! music


  56. Beautiful Couple

    I am obsessed with this song.


  57. Joey

    Fergie’s part is the best in my opinion


  58. The Beast

    this must just be the radio version or something because it seems unfinished. on kanyes ustream session he said that none of the final songs are the same as the ones leaked. so the only full one that we have from the album so far is runaway


  59. Bob

    You can definitely hear Elton John at the very end.


  60. La

    i didn’t hear La Roux.


  61. INk R3D

    wow. #1st off this jawn is so epic hot!!!!! i love this jawn, and cant wait for the full version on the album!

    #2 You guys must not be fully listening because everyone named in this can be heard clearly. But i guess i have a unfair advantage since i am a musician. lolz. But OMG elton john’s ending hook is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!


  62. Julia

    Fergie’s part was the best thing about this song……im not rlly a kanye west fan….. but i luv fergie’s part…in my opinion ppl should have her in their songs <3<3<3<3<3


  63. Joyams



  64. Obsessions

    Does he have to make a 10 minute music video for all you morons to realize where everyone’s part comes into this? I don’t understand how everyone is getting confused.


  65. AnonOfCourse

    Not a fan of any of those artists but this track and Fergie go in hard!


  66. Cassive

    This is my current favourite track on the album!


  67. DrDoitchbig

    Elton John played the piano for the song.



    i thought the rap that everyone thinks is by fergie isn’t her… it sound more like elly jackson.


  69. xtian

    another epic song!
    kanye and rihanna thumbs up!
    fergie sounds like nicki minaj!
    john legend good voice, rihanna amazing vocal!


  70. DJmunchies

    Fergie sounds like nelly furtado on this song


  71. xoSmilez

    I agree with and @jeremydante. you people know nothing about true music. I believe that the rap was actually Elly not Fergie. If you know Ellys voice then you would comprehend the difference. Everyone is probably saying that its Fergie because they haven’t been exposed to La Reaux. The concept of the song wasn’t meant for everyone to have an individual verse. It was more so to show how different voices and harmonies could unify and create a masterpiece. And for those of you that claim you don’t hear Ryan Leslie, try becoming a fan of his first because if you were, you would know that he is a true musician. He is heard throughout the song. The trumpet you here is him.


    James Reply:

    @xoSmilez, The rap is in an American accent, la ROUX are British (check your spelling before acting like youre the the only person to have heard of them)… Elly has also stated that she can’t actually hear herself on the track, so I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. Think about that next time you try to show off about something you dont have a clue about


  72. MszJay

    The song is way better w/o Rihanna in it…nothing against her, just tha it jus sounds better w/o her


  73. antonio

    good song


  74. JazzyBabi

    U know wen u jhust discovered sometin’ dat u did dat wuz right. Dis song makes me wanna jhust celebrate! (I Luv Dis Song!!)


  75. Brian

    I would go in on this, but xoSmilez,, jeremydate hit all the points. This track is very solid. listen to the album version with a good set of headphones/speakers


  76. Tiabellaa

    Hi I LOVEEEE the song… and I’m trying to find out who is the last voice on the song, Like after fergie’s “Credit card decline..”bit.. “i’d like to tell ya but all I can saaay” … <– somethin like that????! Please tell me coz i dont recognise that manly rough voice before, and Id like to get more of his music :D


  77. Shania Wright

    This song goes hard. I listen to it everyday. Dang I didnt know fergie, rihanna, kanye west, and john legend could hit this hard lol. They should come out with similar songs like this.


  78. steve



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