Video: T.I. f/ Chris Brown – ‘Get Back Up’

T.I. and Chris Brown

Two days after he checked back into prison, T.I. unveils the video for “Get Back Up” featuring his Takers co-star Chris Brown. The two perform side by side in the emotional clip, which includes footage of Tip and his wife Tiny along with everyday people acting out his lyrics. Feel the King’s pain and look out for his new album No Mercy, which now has a December 7 drop date.

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  1. Sam

    the King of South and the King of VA..
    The vi is perfect .. Great Lyrics


  2. Paige

    i think the video looks lowbuget… but i like chris brown lil part!!!!


  3. allen



  4. Martrizzy

    i think the main point is not the video itself.
    i really feel this song and it hurts cos im gonna miss T.I.


  5. Tamour

    Mature fans will love it & buy it. It’s more about listening to what is being said than seeing the flash, the pomp and stance.


  6. Abbie

    Its not supposed to be a flash video its supposed to make you think…
    I like the song and video it is about listening to the lyrics because both chris and T.I. Can relate to them!
    Love it!!!


  7. damn

    Like T.I. said, you haters are hilarious! @ allen, the main issue is not the video it’s the message, you haters are something else, I guess you think you would have did a better job with the video and song? Haters are going to hate regardless…you people are some bitter individuals, I mean really.


  8. I'm Me Honey

    I think that’s funny that he said he wouldn’t mess up again. He put his life on it… Guess he’s not a man of his word.


  9. R.I.P 2pac

    good words TIP…and than again…the main point is not the quality, but the message…thats wut hip hop is all about…


  10. R.I.P 2pac

    i mean to say not the quality of the video**


  11. Jay

    This my song! Great video!


  12. mistwalker

    @ allen ur just don’t get it do u? its not the type of vid to elaborate choreography or whatever ? like ri ri only girl was , heck ive seen far worse! ie (free way what we do feat jay-z & benie segal) or that solja boy feat 50 song look like it was shot with a camcorder . it was was made simple to pass over a point geesee! when will rap-up blogers get some kind of understanding and some some comon sence ????


  13. Pusher 3

    it’s not about the video , who the fuck cares about the video any way , it’s all about the message that T.I And CB sending to the people , life ain’t easy at all , so get the fucking message and stop looking for strippers in the video


  14. G

    Simple song, simple message, simple video. It doesn’t need to be complex at all.


  15. chris

    so hot!!!!!


  16. sebastien

    pusher 3 .. thats good bro wat u r saying.. and T.I and CB repect for ya .. that’s a good song .. great messages.


  17. livethroughme

    I like the message, but I don’t like the song. Chris sounds good tho. And no, he is not the King of VA, girl no.


  18. tiffany

    real songs

    the deepest T.I songs

    it will stay in his career

    we love him

    and he’s on that song with the best entairtainer so it’s a perfect mix

    they are the best

    real artists


  19. arie

    Like this song and the message that it sends. Both Tip and CB sound good, it doesn’t matter about the video, the word is what’s important.



    T I is my man great song


  21. brittany

    i love this song t.i and cb sending a good message to the kids


  22. Briann

    Dope…,ait fo me…am back up..,


  23. all haters

    To all haters found u mf some business. Who has had no sin cast the 1st stone. Good job T.I. and Chris Brown. We need more real entertainers like u. Forgiveness and redemption always


  24. all haters

    Like T.I. said “He without sin cast the 1st stone”. So haters hate on


  25. me

    FREE T.I.


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