British Songstress Jessie J Invades L.A.

Jessie J

The future of pop is here, and her name is Jessie J. attended a showcase for the U.K. singer-songwriter at Stone Rose Lounge in Los Angeles this week, where U.S. tastemakers witnessed the power of the rising star. At 22 years old, Jessie has made a name for herself co-writing Miley Cyrus’ chart-topping record “Party in the U.S.A.,” and has a voice much bigger than her 5-foot-9-inch frame.

Among those singing her praises are Kelly Rowland, who was in attendance, super-producer Dr. Luke, and Justin Timberake, who called Jessie the best singer in the world right now. Not a bad endorsement.

The petite Brit blew away the industry crowd with material from her Lava Records/Universal Republic debut Who You Are, including the reggae-tinged “Stand Up,” feisty “Mamma Knows Best,” B.o.B-assisted “Price Tag,” and first U.S. single “Who You Are.” She also won over new fans with her first live performance of “L.O.V.E.,” rumored to have been written for Alicia Keys. Watch below and find out why we’re in L.O.V.E. with Jessie.

Like what you see? Watch more of Jessie’s videos on YouTube.

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  1. Sean Alto

    Real British Talent! known about jessie for like two yrs now, thank god shes finally getting the recognition she deserves. I would go as far as to say that she is the best british artist to have broke through since Amy Winehouse. Vocal Mastermind, Amazing heartfelt lyricist and all round beautiful person, i look FWD to the album.


  2. damn

    she something!!! she going to blow up.. girl can blow!! We need her in the game which is full of fake ass singers.


  3. Chris Shorts

    i think she is great, she caught my attention wwith her very powerful soulful voice. that love song is nice, i love brit musicians they are so full of surprises. #teamjj



  4. Chris Shorts

    im sorry i had to comment again the who u are video adn song made me cry like yo this chick is real nice love her…



  5. Prada-G

    !!!!!! She is a MONSTER! wooow she is about to take the world of pop by storm!!


  6. rexy


    Rapup thank you so much for reporting about this girl. I fucking love her, she is incredible. I thought she should have released DO IT LIKE A DUDE as her first single, that song is dope. I’m praying this girl blows up, she is too talented


  7. ME

    Justin Timberlake just called christina Agulria the best singer of our time. His judgement is currently invalid.


  8. Fool

    This girl really can sing its crazy


  9. whatever

    she iight but ummm I’ll pass though LOL


  10. A

    watched her performance on another site, and I loved her.

    Really interested in her career on USA. hope she has a good success there.


  11. Owen

    She’s very talented! I love L.O.V.E, but Natalia Kills is another British Songstress that is currently out with her first single “Mirrors” & it’s much better than Jessie.


  12. harvey

    she has talent she gonna laast long in the music industry…Who you are goes for radio adds 11/16 so please request


  13. young$$MOVEMENT;

    i been on her. she slays. her and natalia kills!


  14. goldie

    anyone thats says shes any less than great is a loser and has NO ear for music at all!


  15. Hello

    Very exciting stuff! Especially cos she’s UK baby!


  16. Mousey

    Ive only heard one song of Jessies so far but i love it like a really fat kid loves a really big cake. Like A Dude is an awsome song! Plus shes beautiful x


  17. Dior

    OMG she is amazing, i can’t wait untill she hits the world by storm! i will pay loads of money to see her because she is this good! LOVE YOU JESSIE J!

    p.s, love the song ‘like a dude’ the most, amazing and also ‘mama, knows best’ !!!!!! <3




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  19. trish

    Jessie you are one great singer good look for the future. You make me proud to be british.


  20. Hollie

    Wow look where she is now! Ive seen her live 2.times and she epic so proud :D


  21. Brian McClure

    Brian McClure || British Songstress Jessie J Invades L.A.

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