Lil Wayne Released From Jail

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is a free man. The rapper has been released from New York’s Rikers Island after serving eight months behind bars for attempted gun possession.

His Cash Money-Young Money crew took to Twitter to celebrate his homecoming. “Wayne’s home!” wrote Nicki Minaj.

CMYMB boss Birdman confirmed the news, tweeting, “Jr is bac now let’s get these billions..ymcmb.”

“Everybody go and welcome @liltunechi back…..all true weezy fans!!!” said YM president Mack Maine. “The angels are rejoicing and so am I!!!!!”

Even Wayne’s mother Jocita Carter tweeted about her son’s release. “My babe is out thank you lord.”

His daughter Reginae was overjoyed to see her father again. “My daddy out!!!yayyy!!” she said. “I can’t believe!!!I can’t wait till I see my daddy!!!!!the best father In the world is HERE!I’m so happy.I feel like screaming!”

“I just want to thank you all for keeping YM alive for the last 8 months,” Drake told his followers hours before Weezy reunited with his family and friends.

There are reports that he will make an appearance during Drake’s show in Las Vegas this weekend, before celebrating with a party thrown by his record label in Miami on Sunday. Then he’ll get right back to work.

“I think after seeing the family, popping a few bottles, it’s back to basics,” Baby told “Family first, that’s what we believe in, that’s what we’re loyal to. After that, I think the same day he comes home, he’s going to go straight to the studio.”

[Photo via DJ Scoob Doo]

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  1. Free Weezy

    #WelcomeHomeWeezy #WelcomeHomeWeezy #WelcomeHomeWeezy #WelcomeHomeWeezy #WelcomeHomeWeezy #WelcomeHomeWeezy #WelcomeHomeWeezy


  2. Hm

    Smh if only every that is busy tweeing #WelcomeHomeWeezy voted..

    We are doomed.


  3. Tunechi

    ^ We are also doomed by your poor grammar.


  4. Justinbeebssenior



  5. Ciarafan

    I missed him alot, hope he make a song with T-pain or Akon


  6. scsa

    @ Tunechi

    hahahahahaha.. You just made my day :)


  7. KH

    OMG this isn’t important… we just had an election with record low African American turnout and this is what you guys are interested in? Our youth are truly doomed if they are worried about this fools getting out of jail. I am saddened!


  8. crazy

    KH shutep just because you hating don’t mean you have to rain on everybody elses parade weezy is the man so you the fool fool


  9. crazy

    KH shutup just because you hating don’t mean you have to rain on everybody elses parade weezy is the man so you the fool fool


  10. Orlando

    yea!!!!!!!!!!!! Weezy Babbbbyyyyy is BACK FINALLY


  11. Free Weezy



  12. Dillon_68

    Welcome back Weezy, don’t get any ideas from T.I. though! lol. Try and stay clean.


  13. young jeezy

    welcome home weezy hit me up im in dc 202 6962264


  14. K.K.

    Yessss! Welcome home, WEZZY! ;D


  15. Kush Picasso

    Now Drop Cater 4 & Nino Brown pt. 3!!!


  16. Cameraman


    Who says they didn’t? Maybe they just got tired of these strict gun control laws that got Weezy locked up in the first place, so they voted in Republicans who will protect our Second Amendment rights!


  17. 2011k

    I agree with KH….Black America is in a sad, sad place now…it’s almost disheartening to see that this is what so many of our Revolutionaries died for…


  18. monique

    luv u weezy welc home baby!


  19. Lester

    My SoN WaYnE Is BaCK YeS


  20. Young NY

    welcome back weezy ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤──


  21. Credit

    Welcome back my favourite rapper,i missed u as well.I hope you are going to do a song with juelz santana,and ross.welcome back.


  22. youngmoney.

    weezy f baby n F IS FOR FREE :)


  23. Cooookies_

    Welcome Back Weezy!


  24. Smooth criminal

    welcome home Lil Wayne.


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