New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Runaway (Remix)’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz proposes a toast on his nearly six-minute remix to Kanye West’s “Runaway,” the second offering from his upcoming mixtape #Lemmeholdatbeat. “Let’s make a toast to the good times, let’s have a toast for the cash flow, make a toast to a new bag on the arm of a bad ho,” sings Trigga before going to church on his haters. Preach!

Trey Songz – “Runaway (Triggamix)”

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  1. Jessica

    I love this <3


  2. Jasmine M

    I Love It! …..yummm Trey :*


  3. LAD

    this shit is virgin(tight)!


  4. ImRomanBitches

    OMG THis Nigga KNow tthe truth!!


  5. Lilly Lepore

    I love You Trey!!!!!!! You have an amazing voice that keeps getting better


  6. jojo

    dis is tewww on point…Tremaine baybay..i love u teww pieces


  7. tbib

    it’s great! but it doesn’t worth kanye’s version!


  8. whatever



  9. kelly

    when i listen 2 trey songz i really do appreciate chris brown….


  10. Lilly Lepore

    If Trey Songs happens to read this can i borrow your voice?


  11. kCudi

    Someone please do a Remix with Trey on the Hook and Kanye & Pusha T on the verses !!!


  12. Raheem T

    i see Trey…we out!


  13. kendra

    i love what u do keep up the gud work
    do a song w/llody


  14. Fabz

    decent, buh kanyes is a million Xs beter… an why trey always have to make remixes off other artist tracks… make ur own shit man.. das why he can never get to chris browns level!


  15. kendra

    i love yr songz


  16. kendra

    I love ur songz:D


  17. me718

    @Fabz: You’re eating your words now! Trey unseated Chris Brown to be #1 on the R&B charts! Go Trey!


  18. ada

    OMG u is so sexy trey please come to.Richmond VA.please!


  19. Mr. Mann

    @me718 But who had #1 for 17 weeks. Without a promotion. While Trey’s “Can’t Be Friends” was promo’d like crap. I believe it was Chris Brown lls.
    @Fabz – Amen to that! Trey, he’s good but Chris… another level


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