Weezy Gets Wired After Release

Lil Wayne

Hours after his release from Rikers, Lil Wayne reconnected with his fans online. DJ Scoob Doo posted another photo of Weezy smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of what appears to be cognac while staring at a laptop screen. “aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk,” tweeted Lil Tunechi.

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  1. whatever

    WACK!! should’ve stayed!!! BOOOO!!! WHO CARES?


  2. WhatTheF

    No1curr. He’ll probably go back to jail someday anyway, and we’ll all be shaking our heads at him…


  3. jeremydante

    we’re literally getting a play by play of what he’s doing since he got out. im surprised no one has posted what kind of underwear he has on.


    Mat Reply:

    u no in pics and songs it showes/says wat kind? its polo


  4. TosinAtere

    hey tune get back 2 tha studio and cooking up sum good music


  5. Mike

    He’s a good rapper and I can understand blogs announcing that he’s been released from jail, but “UP-TO-THE-MINUTE” coverage? So much interest and coverage for this, but according to CNN only 4.7% of african-americans showed up to vote. DISGUSTING.


  6. Lil Wayne = God

    Welcome Back God !!!….


  7. Ruffles

    ^ lol


  8. Huhhhh

    Lil Wayne is not God ok!!
    God Is God don’t get it twisted.


  9. Nini

    Thank God Wanye is back. Its about time for some new, genuine hip hop verses. I cant wait for the remixes & the freestyles… they made a mess while he was gone. & all you haters, hop off! You dont like wht you see or hear close your eyes & cover your ears!


  10. Dan King

    Yes, it’s Good to Have Lil’ Wayne Back..)d


  11. Shaun

    As much as you hate it, he’s one of the biggest rap icons out there. His group is the biggest group in decades & he is the Captain so he will be around for many years to come.


  12. Dennis Zimbelman a.k.a.'Wetto from the ghetto''

    Weezy’s home, Dennis Zimbelman
    Zimbelman Entertainment
    studio’s of a.k.a.Wetto
    the ghetto”


  13. João

    He’s the biggest one !


  14. jenniika



  15. Moneysha

    Dand Wayne sexy but why is Nicki the eye-candy of Young Money? She’s plastic. He needs something sexy to represent Young Money. But I’ll respect nicki cuz she’s with his group.


  16. Mat

    for all you haters out there, shut up, we all know u cant do wat he dose. also haterz will hate but it only makes us stronger to make more music to please dem. last thing at 35 hes retirein 2 b with his kids and family. WEEZY TILL DEATH!


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