Janet Jackson Plans to Return to the Studio Next Year

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has been focusing on Hollywood, having starred in two films this year, Why Did I Get Married Too? and For Colored Girls, but that doesn’t mean she’s abandoned music.

Miss Jackson assured her fans that she will be returning to music. “It’s always been a dream of mine to [do movies back-to-back], so I kinda put music on the back burner for a second to do this,” she told Larry King. “I will continue to do more films, but definitely I can’t give up music. It’s in my blood and I love, love, love performing, so I will make more music.”

She plans to get back in the studio after the new year, but is in no rush to put out an album. “I’ve thought to go in the studio and just take my time, fool around—next year.”

The CNN host suggested combining her love for music and movies into a musical film, to which Janet replied, “I would love to do that.”

Her last album, Discipline, was released in 2008 on Island Def Jam. She plays Jo in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, arriving in theaters today.

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  1. lukex1990

    its so good that she will spend in studio a longer time, I hope for 2012 release and something fresh but classical Janet, and it would be cool to have some interesting features on album


  2. ForC

    Janet does her best work when she takes a long time at it so it’s perfect…it will definitely be worth the wait!!! omg i’m so excited now and she hasn’t even done anything yet lol. if we’re lucky, a late 2012, early 2013 release. i know that sounds super long, but trust me, IT WILL BE PERFECTION once it’s done. *prays for full jimmy jam/terry lewis production with a few extra producers on the side*


  3. Terrell

    I’m excited about all of Janet’s upcoming projects. I’m ready to support anything she does this and next year.


  4. Whatevs

    Tbh, I think she’s really abandoning music. I’m really sad about her responses when it comes to music. She’s been saying “Acting is my first love” and such. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get an album till late 2012 or early 2013. Uljfkdjfljkds GRRRR.


  5. Terrel

    I can’t wait for Janet to go to the studio next year.:-)


  6. c.webb

    her latest shit with 50 cent is real crazy,shit is hot she sang well and 50 killed his verse,by the way 50 is the hottest right now in the game.


  7. Vince

    mmm, i can’t wait. Love Janet. i agree sumthing fresh wit sum classic Janet, mayb sum ‘that’s the way love goes’ also.


  8. Nait Phoenix

    Already saving my money to buy twenty of those bad boys! Can’t wait to hear your come back.


  9. JPC



  10. lillie

    miss janet jackson,i having your career since day one.i love every album you have made and i am a big fan of yours,you are a beautiful women with so much talent.can’t wait for your 2012 cd.luv u much.god bless u.


  11. Nickcole

    Miss Janet Jackson,Iam So Happy And Thrilled That You Will Return To The Recording Dance Studio.You Have Done A Great Job With Your Singing Career Since The Day I Saw You Perform At The Old Orlando Magic Amway Center.You Put On A Fantastic Show I Really Enjoy That Night I Been A Big Fan Of Yours From The Year You Had Your First T.V.Show,I Even Read Your Magazine And Have All Your Music C.D And D.V.D Tape.You Have So Much Talent.I Love You So Much May God Bless You In 2012.


    Nickcole Reply:



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