New Music: Chris Brown f/ Kevin McCall – ‘Between the Lines’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is putting in work to save his relationship on “Between the Lines.” “We spend time fighting over shit that don’t really matter/ Wish I could start on a brand new chapter,” sings Breezy on the airy tune, reportedly from his next mixtape In My Zone Pt. 2. The break-up-to-make-up song features his “Deuces” collaborator Kevin McCall. See how the story unfolds below.

Chris Brown f/ Kevin McCall – “Between the Lines”

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  1. Fabz

    yeah dis tracks dope


  2. T-Swift

    who cares this guy lost with the mixtapes while RiRi is gonna have a number 1 album


  3. M3M3

    I Love 3v3ry Album yuu make out Chris Love youu…:)LoL Alwaysz gn3 Support Youu 4v@..=*)


  4. Abbie

    Love this been on repeat since last night
    Cant wait till in my zone 2


  5. allen

    we’ve this trac over over over again peronally i hate it


  6. Jesse

    This song is mediocre. Thank goodness it’s not something from his new album, but I’m kinda over Breezy on these simple ass beats with random ass nobodies. I’m ready for his new album, his new music, and his new tour with just him. These mixtapes and features on everybody and they mamas rap song is just whatever to me now. His brand is being worn out and wasted .


  7. jrellamiller

    after what breezy when through he has to start rebuilding his career somewhere and that dueces track has help him to do that so mixtapes has helped to let him be heard…………nice track though


  8. Raheem T

    good look breezy, keep doing ur thang 100!


  9. Nick

    He keeps getting wacker and wacker. Deuces was his only good song as of recently, and even that wasn’t too impressive. He needs to mature musically. I miss when he used to make HOT songs like back during the Exclusive and Chris Brown era. Now it’s just corny, generic garbage. For whatever reason these days it just seems like artists can’t keep up after a 2nd or or 3rd album. *sigh* Im getting so tired of this electropop/dance/techno music trend too..


  10. dee dee

    i like the song…and the beat is soooo romantic, and plus i didn’t know kevin mcCall can sing…WOOOOW! LOL


  11. ellis

    its a great song, touching.


  12. BheeJay

    CB always on point


  13. Maya

    this song is really good. and i really wish ppl wud stop tryin to compare him to rihanna like wtf two different artist….move on! second: chris brown has made good songs since exclusive and “duces” is not the only one sheesh SO MANY HATER smdh



    Yoooooooo IDK Kevin McCall Can sing,


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