Video: Chrisette Michele – ‘I’m a Star’

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele liberated her first mixtape Love Thy Brother earlier today, but she’s also holding it down on the visual tip. The R&B singer has unleashed the Armen Djerrahian-directed video for “I’m a Star,” the lead single off her third album Let Freedom Reign (Nov. 30).

Splashed across the tabloids, Chrisette pores over her image before linking up with her man in the ’50s-inspired clip where the pair drinks cocktails before the songstress heads off to a movie premiere.

“This is a video about a star girl who decides I don’t have to love another star to be cool or to be famous, I can love whoever I want,” Chrisette previously told “Access Hollywood” on set. “This is about the freedom to love whoever it is you decide. And I love, in this video, my driver.”

See stars by watching below.

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  1. jojo

    i love mama….dis is teww FAB!


  2. meee

    y is she so dum ? … shes gt 1 of the best voices out an shes singin this crap?… sumin tht hannah montanna should be singin?!?!



    She is great…
    I Love Her…
    This song Is Just Ok
    She Can [scratch that] Is going to do better
    Ready for the Mixtape/Album now


  4. Elvis

    Yes Chrisette can do better but the video is nice..I love her but i dont see this song taken off.


  5. Dillon_68

    I absolutely HATE this song, video is aight though. This album won’t live up to her last.


  6. Nait Phoenix

    I actually like the song. It’s very upbeat like her first single which made me love her in the first place. Ne-Yo’s voice definitely fits the chorus more, but the message is inspiring, the music is fitting, the melody is perfect, what’s the problem with that song that I’m not hearing?

    And she looks the bomb in that video.


  7. TheDimplePuppet

    Yes she does have one of the best voices out, she’s entitled to have fun songs. The lyrics are playful. She’s a beautiful girl and she’s a class act.


  8. Kyle

    I love Chrisette but this song just is not working for me. It’s definitely her weakest single to date in my opinion. I know the rest of her album will be hot though. Her and Jazmine dropping on the same day. YESSSSSS!


  9. chad

    @Nait phoenix…took the words out my mouth!


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