Video: Ciara and The-Dream Clown Around on Ustream

Ciara and The-Dream

Ciara spent some quality time with her fans during a Ustream session on Thursday. While putting the final touches on her fourth album Basic Insinct in the studio, she joked around with her collaborators Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, who confirmed that he has been recording with CiCi’s BFF Kim Kardashian. Get a peek into their brother and sister relationship below.

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  1. Tracy

    I watched this last they were too funny! Dream is hilarious and Ciara has a cool personality :)

    December 14th, Basic Instinct !


  2. Tracy

    *last night


  3. okkk

    I hate to say this but I think they would make a nice couple o_O


  4. TTB

    they were too funny!!


  5. Jose

    She look like a Female Trey Songz… YUUUP!!!


  6. Keylolo



  7. STACY

    That was funny


  8. high_price

    ciara an dream are great…. i like the dream alot more after this …but *side_eye*… the girl @ the end ;Angie(believe thats his assistant)…. that was his jump off…. when he was married 2 Christina Milian….hmmmmmm….remember thoese pics that surfaced around a while back where the dream was photo-ed @ the beach all hugged up with her! Messy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. perio

    @high_price i think the chick u takin bout is Melissa… who ws the assisant…but neway this was a much fun u-stream…did nebody catch the shade whn The-Dream was on the phone with TA??? 4 Those Who Dont Know TA is Anthony Tate, he and Jazze Pha both got Ciara in te game back in 03, but the drama is TA kinda stole Ciara from Jazze and Sho’Nuff and took her o a bigger deal with Zomba and Jive round the 2nd album. then TA later sued Ciara after she fired him and claims that he has Ciara under contract to pay him 30K a month for the rest of her career… the music biz is shady!!!!!


  10. i'm beamin

    for some reason, it bothers me that she’s working with Tricky and Dream…i mean she’s free to work with whoever she wants, but i doubt she’d work with them if “Single ladies” and “Umbrella” never came out but hey…


  11. girl u know

    number one on main charts????? pffff…sure.sweetie stick to the R&B charts, okay.


  12. talina

    i understand being a little secretive bout ur new material but DAMN…won’t say how many tracks on the album or a proper sample…-_-


  13. roxy heart

    i knoe she’s tryin to make it out to seem that her tricky and dream are the holy trinity but its more like tricky dream and rihanna…now her and jazzy…NOW THAT was a powerhouse

    sidenote:she’s pretty without makeup


  14. greg

    @perio i seen tha look on ciara face!!! oh wow.. so did jazze pha sue ciara too??


  15. perio

    nah jazze didnt sue Ciara Tate who he had prevoiusly ran Futuristic Recordings with did…Jazze had split from Tate before Tate sued Ciara thats why alot of ppl think Jazze sued Ciara and he really didnt…but Ciara and Jazzy did have a lil tension tho over the whole leavin Sho’Nuff for Jive deal tho! seems like they cool now!


  16. CiaraGotTheMoves

    Ciara and The-Dream are hilarious ATLiens gotta love it. Haters have a seat cuz we TTU in dis bish


  17. JayRide

    @Perio but During Goodies Ciara was already on Zomba! if u look it says Sho’Nuff/MusicLine/LaFace/ZombaLabelGroup


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