Kid Rock ‘Feels Bad’ for T.I.

Kid Rock and T.I.

T.I. returned to prison this week to serve an 11-month stint behind bars. His friend and collaborator Kid Rock is speaking out and sharing his compassion for the incarcerated rapper.

“It’s sad. He’s such a nice guy. It’s a tricky situation, but I feel bad for him,” the rocker told Entertainment Weekly. “I understand someone’s gotta learn their lesson, and I know they gave him a chance, but there’s a better way his time could be utilized to help other people, something to help the community.”

Tip was sent back to prison in Arkansas for violating his probation, but Rock doesn’t side with the legal system. “Some of these jail things, I don’t agree with them, especially when you got so much horrid shit going on in the world.”

Rock enlisted Tip and Martina McBride for “Care,” a song off his new album Born Free. The hip-hop star didn’t know who the country crooner was and vice versa. “I recorded them separately,” he said. “It’s funny, because Martina’s kids knew who T.I. was, but Martina obviously wasn’t that familiar with him. And T.I. didn’t have any clue who Martina was.”

A version of the song with Mary J. Blige in place of Martina previously leaked.

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  1. Well alright

    @Sarare ^^^^^^ WTF are u talking about O_o


  2. K.K.

    just don’t get it !!?? what happen to thier family???


  3. Loud

    both tiny and him are really stupid and just pathetic.


  4. RL

    i agree with @Loud.


  5. ceese

    I don’t feel bad for T.I i mean what is wrong with him? He’s always been ignorant and stubborn but I thought he changed. SMH i guess the new thing is go to jail so when you come back people will worship you like you died and came back to life.


  6. marymag

    why feel bad for him? he knew he got a HUGE break for his sentencing and he knew the strict terms of his probation because of that, and he still violated it. why feel bad 4 him?


  7. Chris Shorts

    im sorry i cant feel bad for him, i love u ti your music dope but you fucked up big time. how you gonna come out of jail trying to tell us young black men not to do ceartin things and you just blowing that off adn doing the same shit over again. like fareal ti when you gonna say enough is enough, your a role model anf you doing a real sucky ass job at it.

    #smh thats why they look down on us now when we get a little bit of money.


  8. Lily=]

    wtf i dnt feel bad for T.I. and he is not stupid or pathetic…ppl make mistakes…shit, man its like yuh guys havnt made any mistakes…T.I. is jst human like everybody else.!


  9. Tolex

    Meeehn,i dont just understand what’z appening to T.I,he shoudn’t have repeat this same motherfucking mess up.


  10. Hakeem

    Wow seriously am I the only one defending T.I on this page fuck all u idiots he messed up he made a mistake wow have u idiots even known what a mistake was he’s not perfect and leave him alone he feels bad for him cuz he didn’t deserve it let’s put all ur dumbasses in jail and let’s see how u guys would feel


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