Video: Kanye West Performs at MTV EMAs

Kanye West made a surprise appearance during 30 Seconds to Mars’ set at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 pre-show in Madrid, Spain. Wearing a “Jesus Is Lord” T-shirt, ‘Ye rapped an Auto-Tuned verse from the band’s song “Hurricane” and performed a bit of “POWER.”

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  1. SevenFootSounds

    HUH?! This wasn’t broadcasted on TV just now.


  2. @lukasfakhouri

    it was on the pre-show :\


  3. Tracie

    I love Ye!


  4. zeinab

    They recorded the awards show it will air tonight @ 9pm on mtv 2.


  5. chuckster

    That was short and sweet!!!


  6. Martrizzy

    i want to die!!! im from Spain and i had no idea this was going to happen. i was excited because of Rihanna but damn i cant live knowing that i could be there and see Kanye live and i wasnt there!!! OMG this sounds like a fucking nightmare!!
    Kanye you have to come back to Spain!! pleasee!! Spain loves you a lot and im a huge fan!! it´s good to have Rihanna and the other artists in Spain but Kanye West in Spain?? it´s just too much for us! hope you liked Spain!


  7. jeremydante

    ummm…i dont get it.


  8. blackguyfromNY

    this hould put those illuminati speakers to sleep.
    thats my boy ye..
    i respect 30 to mars for doin that……….


  9. G

    For a moment I was like, “didn’t Kanye say that he isn’t going to be at awards shows anymore?” but since you said pre-show… alright. xD


  10. saadkid08

    I love that song! Ye was awesome I wish I could have been there.


  11. cubevision

    Martrizzy calm down please


  12. Mar

    lmao yeah all that illuminati stuff, take it somewhere else.


  13. jk

    jared leto is hot!! but he need to quit tryin to be a rock star…just stick to actin yo…


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