Video: Rihanna Performs at MTV EMAs


Rihanna brought some flower power to the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid, Spain. With flowers on her dress and all over the stage, the red-haired singer performed “Only Girl (In the World).” Watch RiRi’s whimsical set below.

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  1. EL

    She IS the only one!



  2. jeremydante

    cute set.


  3. ahhh

    NO SHADE but I miss the old rihanna she has done way better than this like ex.2008 grammys was like my fav out of all her now performances hopefully I get to see MORE of and entertainer than a girl just giving you a nice whimsical set


  4. miro(;

    this award showw looks better than the vmas


  5. vanya1199

    beautiful performance, Rihanna clever mine:)


  6. queen beyonce

    WOW can rihanna be anymore flat eeekkk riri…. i like u gurl but please work on the vocals


  7. let's be real

    Horrible performance. The “take me for a ride” breakdown was shaky and she almost talked it instead of sang it. Awesome set/scenery.


  8. Adam

    the best performance of the night !


  9. jhuntdaprodigy

    Scenery and backdrop is real dope, her live vocals aren’t consistent, sometimes she sounds great, other times, she struggles to hold a note. Dude, think of if Jared & Kanye’s performance had gotten a set on the scale of this one’s made, thing would’ve been even more epic then it already was


  10. juicyBear

    it was ok! she seems like shes just givin a 6.5 hmmm still love RiRi tho! :)


  11. uu

    consistency is her weakness…sometimes she sounds good and other times she can’t…but choreography would’ve went a long way


  12. badass

    got damn she is taking over everything, you cannot escape this girl, she is literally the talk of the world wether good or bad, and even if bad it dont matter because her music is smashing all over the place! anyway great performance!


  13. roxer

    everybody is saying that she can’t sing… that’s what the spanish audience has felt about her performance, good outfit, and nice stage but her vocals are a fail.


  14. NeneBXkIller

    Horrible performance!
    Ke$ha was better.


  15. Sam

    This is really pathetic. She is a awful performer


  16. PRESSED?

    she currently have the #1 song in Europe…………how convinient lmao!


  17. back2basics

    love riri


  18. ZANIA

    @badass she is not taking over nothing. Did she win an award against Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. no she didn’t. Who cares about her #1s all that money goes to the record company. She is not the best unless she wins awards against the best.


  19. georgette


    uum it might not be her best vocal performance but i deff saw the spanish crowd getting hype like crack was being circulated…imo she can sing, because i’ve seen enough live performances to make that judgement, she justs not consistent…the difference being that a person who can’t sing has NEVER had a good live performance, she has had many


  20. Rihanna Baby

    @ZANIA you call Lady Gaga and Katy Perry the best? LMAO!!! Kids these days…..


  21. rich225

    @Rihanna Baby He’s right. its industry manipulation vs true love. RiRi has a tiny fan base.


  22. simone

    I find it funny that whenever it comes to an artist that a person doesn’t like they say b.s. comments like “number 1′s don’t matter”…


    well if awards is what shows whose the bests i guess we’ll just see…

    rihanna has three ama’s,2 bet awards, 14 billboard awards, 3 grammys, 2 vmas, a JAPAN vma, 2 emas, a AUSTRALIA VMA, 4 wma, and a whole bunch of other awards that would take me hours to write down

    but then again there are single sales, which rihanna trumps over gaga and katy in, album sales where rihanna has more again,and then there is NUMBER 1′S, that apparently don’t matter…give me a break…the truth is rihanna IS STILL hot and there is nothing you can say or do to change that, sorry


  23. From Tokyo

    I like the set and her ‘fit!


  24. Narek

    She’s not win ( but she’s the best …

    RIHANNA I Love You ))))


  25. roxer

    georgette if you don’t know i’m gonna tell you, that crowd was selected by mtv spain, they’re only rih fans, so what are they gonna do them? boo’d her? no hell, they’ll say like you, that this one of those bad vocals day.
    face it, she’s beatiful, has good stylist, good songrwritters, a very good manager, but she can’t sing.

    i repeat, i’m not the only person that thinks that rihanna had more false notes than an old piano… just ask people over 25 years old and not her stans.


  26. Teila

    I’m just happy this was a better performance than that SNL crap.


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