New Music: Swizz Beatz f/ Rakim – ‘King Tut’

King Tut

Swizz Beatz starts the week off with the latest installment of his Monster Monday series, enlisting veteran Rakim to rap over a sample of N.E.R.D’s “God Bless Us All” from their new album Nothing. The mid-tempo track features brassy horns and signature handclaps, with Alicia Keys’ hubbie taking first duties before throwing it to the God MC.

“Did you get the message/ Hip-hop is back/ We don’t know how to act/ Tell the DJ bring us back!” raps Swizzy on the chorus.

Swizz Beatz f/ Rakim – “King Tut”

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    “God Bless Us All” by NERD

    He looped the beat to that song (no wonder he keeps saying “P”)
    this is just aiiiight


  2. Dan King

    That ain’t the Real Rakim…. It’s the Same Fake ass Bitch Who Imitates Michael Jackson on this Song too..(d


  3. 2Slik

    an other hit swishhhhhhhhhh


  4. nerdywilliams

    thats from “Nothing” N.E.R.D’s new album i like swizzy’s take on it …and rakim is a beast old school baby!!


  5. Hotsnax

    That doesn’t sound anything like Rakim.. What’s happened to his voice?


  6. Sarah

    It sounds like Rakim to me…He just mellowed out on this trick, or maybe y’all haven’t heard anyone rap like this in a long time. I love this kind of hip hop


  7. Ms. C

    Rakim is HIP-HOP you youngsters just don’t know ya better ask somebody Swizzy knows what time it is kids do ya homework!!!


  8. kani

    DJ bring hiphop back, the irony..


  9. YeezyFan

    it doesnt sound exactly like Rakim but u can see its his voice in some parts. Swizz made it u dont just get THE GOD MC on a track. RAKIM makes this track


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