New Music: Trey Songz f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Loving You No More (Remix)’

Loving You No More (Remix)

Trey Songz chooses money over women on the explicit Triggamix to Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Loving You No More,” the latest release from his #Lemmeholdatbeat mixtape. After his girl turns bourgie, Trigga Trey kicks her to the curb with some assistance from Keri Hilson, who sings, “Can’t f**k wit you no more, I just can’t f**k, just can’t f**k wit you no more/ Fu**in’ wit you is bad for my health.” You’ve been warned.

Trey Songz f/ Keri Hilson – “Loving You No More (Fuck Wit U No More)”

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    Its cool, Not sure if I will play it over the original, but it gets me interested in the mixtape. I love the song art for this and Aston Martin Music Remix. the twitter names =)


  2. perio

    keri is everywhere ciara needs to take notes this is promo!!!


  3. whatever



  4. TYLER

    um trey songz fucked this shit up forreal keri sounds good but um he should have left it to drake


  5. tae


    chile the fact that ciara is not everywhere and is still on your mind just says alot….
    oh and she will be everywhere once the album date gets near


  6. tae

    oh and i hope that the no boys allowed album drops this year :-0!!!


  7. whatever

    @tae LMFAO yea right


  8. perio

    @tae im not trna shade but keri is doing what ciara needs to be doing out everywhere doing anything she can get her hands on right about now…she needs to b grindin hard like she did on her 1st to reords i love ciara 10xs better over keri but ciara just not as ambitious as she use to be….:(


  9. Deontae

    @perio you got it all wrong…Ciara is in the right place and she is everywhere…please this is a remix..Ciara does not need to do a remix to seem hard working…Ciara promo run for Basic Instinct has been great…please…


  10. tae

    @whatever what are you talking about?

    @perio c thats where you are wrong she is more ambitious than she ever was it is just they have a plan for ciara and a solid one at that which requires for her to do things at the perfect time not when everybody else feels she should do it just chill out and wait if u are a fan trust me so many things are about to happen for this girl hell some of it is after the album drops im telling something is gonna go down at the top of 2011 its gonna be big just chill and watch the plan unfold.


  11. lmao

    @tae , not to diss ciara or anything…but u talking like u work with ciara, u talking shit dat u dont know for real, just stop


  12. risguy

    luv me some Keri good job!


  13. tae


    you dont know what i do or who i am or who i know just know that :-) oh and just wait and see and remember what i said.


  14. TYLER

    lmfaooo @ the c-error stans what promo she doing no shade but i just found out 2 weeks ago she got a new album coming out.

    keri hilson has performed on black girls rocck
    she performed at perez hilson gig one night in jersey for thousands of folks

    she performin on thanksgiving day for the parade in new york with kanye west and gladys knight and jessica simpson and over 1 million folks will be watching and will be there

    keri will be on vh1 divas performing

    she gonna be on 106 & park this thursday

    She gonna be on good morning america
    jimmy kimmel
    the monique show
    regis and kelly
    wendy williams
    all these shows starting in the next 3 weeks

    keri is promoting hard. and interscope is giving her another mini movie like they did for make love with kanye west.

    by the way keri hilson album comes out december 21st.


  15. james

    how to ruin a song


  16. G3

    @Tyler and wit all that promo Keri will still flop wheres breaking point at??? Her album will get pushed back to next year girl #bye


  17. yoyo

    i like this trey songz, i liked the original one, and this remix is just GREAT!

    stop acting childish guys, ciara and keri are in 2 way different times on their careers.
    ciara recorded several albums, she can relax now
    but keri has to work hard, and that’s what she’s doing ;)


  18. Dillon_68

    Damn, Ciara and Keri stans are nothing but losers who sit around their computer all day and bash one another, get a life. Learn to respect all artists instead of limiting yourself.


  19. TYLER

    lol @ g3 fag commin at me wit that fag language. keri hilson life means more than u an cerror


  20. JAYLA

    lol @ tyler…. i like ciara an keri so i aint goin to compare, but trey songz could have left this alone


  21. jeremydante

    so lame that they plugged their twitter accounts on the single cover.

    & trey songz still cant sing.


  22. Meme

    @Jeremydante I agree with everything you said!!



    [...] Songz chooses money over women on the explicit Triggamix to Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Loving You No More,” the latest release [...]

  24. tiffany

    there are CIARA and CHRIS BROWN, the queeen and king of rnb
    and after there are KERI HILSON and TREY SONGS, the princess and prince of rnb

    CB and ciara had TURNATABLES (original so perfect )

    keri and trey have LOVING YOU NO MORE RMX (remix…………… but it’s good too…..)


  25. Jay S

    Wow. I dont know about this! I definitely like Dawn’s vocals as opposed to Keri’s. And all that “fuckin’” Im not feeling it.


  26. let's be real

    He did great. Wow , I love this.


  27. LOL

    trey with the original chorus would have been better instead of keri imo

    this is niiiice though, but not as on point as other remixes he done i.e. Ego, Death Of Autotune, Day n Night etc.

    p.s. Whats this deal about ‘Ciara stans’ saying shes better than everyone in literally any music page on the web :S
    Seriously, shes a ‘good’ singer but she aint nothing special to frigging pray to, open up your eyes to reality you blind beetchesssssss, dammm… just saying lol


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