Throwback Photo: ‘TRL’ Tour with Nelly, Destiny’s Child, Eve, 3LW, & More

TRL Tour

Once upon a time, Destiny’s Child, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Eve, Jessica Simpson, 3LW, and Bad Boy’s girl group Dream gathered together to pose for a yearbook-style pic while on MTV’s “Total Request Live” tour in 2001. The throwback portrait shows each artist and group before some became megastars and others went their own ways. Check out Eve sporting sunglasses and a scarf around her head, with a fresh-faced Destiny’s Child before Beyoncé embarked on her solo career. Talk about a flashback!


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  1. Tom-Tom

    WHOA. Throw all the way back! I remember going to that your. Ofcourse the only irrelevant artist were signed to badboy then. Diddy knows how to ruin a career boy!


  2. Nick

    Man, Rap and R&B seriously need to make a comeback. It’s dying ya’ll.


  3. Beystanbish

    Omg.this bring back memories. Look at the Queen Bey. Who knew she would be snatching wigs out here and shooting at the top of forbes list. Love it


  4. meme

    A whole heep of irrelevent artist. Beyonce and Nelly are the only ones who made the best off their careers. Cant say the rest didnt try tho. I just cant get over how Jessica let her whole career go.


  5. Tater

    wow.!! this is a supppper throwback :)


  6. Muni

    Kelly is making a comeback and this time will stay, belive me!! LOVE you just keep working hard people will recognize.


  7. Al

    Jessicaaaa, awww
    this was back when she released that urban crap irresistible of her instead of doing ballad
    screw colombia >.<


  8. Z

    WOOOW.thats crazy to see how different they all r now..i feel bad for Dream.Diddy really knows how to fuck up a career.but at least these girls are workin on a new reality show.this is the trailer for it and its really sad where they are now


  9. Nait Phoenix

    I just got a huge nostalgia rush! Aww, Dream & 3LW!!!


  10. Jay

    Oh my God I feel old! lol This is throwback fasho! haha

    I remember them all looking like that. :)


  11. Max

    YO!!! CHECK out ADRIENNE BAILON from 3LW….can’t wait for her upcoming solo album :)


  12. novelero

    i have a shirt from this tour..


  13. Adam

    Those were the good ol’ days.


  14. EmsFaveFan

    Slim Shady! No more Rihanna and Lil Wayne.. Slim Shady should be alive again!


  15. lilbowlover



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