Keri Hilson Likes Leather and Chains

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson proves that blondes do have more fun in this sexy photo to promote her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, due December 21. The R&B bombshell rocks a black bra, cropped leather jacket, and high-waisted shorts with chains around her waist in the image, photographed by Gomillion and Leupold.

Miss Keri has written with John Legend on a song called “All the Boys” and enlisted Rick Ross to rap and star in her video “The Way You Love Me.”

Catch her performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 25 and “VH1 Divas” on December 5. If you don’t have her single “Pretty Girl Rock,” it is available as a free download on iTunes this week.

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  1. Pay Homage

    Someone is a swagger jacker.


  2. From Tokyo

    Not a fan of hers nor a hater by any means – just neutral (and isn’t it silly to include a disclaimer just to compliment someone now?) She looks gorgeous! Love the blond and the black!


  3. mike

    she’s prettier than many girls in the biz


  4. sarare

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  5. Mr Back To Tha Future (I'm So McFly)

    dAMN, mY bAbY LooKIN’ sExY…owww LOL!!!


  6. yoyo

    i’m about to die untill the rest of this shoot will drop!
    please leupold&gomilion, release any unseen pic :D


  7. JustANOTHERsTan

    @Pay Homage… Get yourself together don’t hate, Jealousy is the ugliest trait! Haha


  8. Hater Fall Back

    @”Pay Homage”

    I think you’re referring to Rihanna? If you are, she never rocked this cut. And for your information, Rihanna isn’t “origninal” either. Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole and Kelly Rowland have all rocked red before Rihanna, and blond had been done a million times more.


  9. theresa_keys

    she needs to grow up if she wants respect… for goodness sake she is 27 years old…


  10. meme

    she looks so much like rihanna in this pic. In fact she is like the ghetto version of rihanna, green eyes in all. She is so rockin riri last season’s blonde hair and style.


  11. Jermany

    she looks amazing..and keri had experimented wit blonde hair..since the begining of her career..and rihanna never had this haters stfu..she culd b bald and u wuld say she copied amber rose so just please..stfu i dun wanna read dat bs..n listen to that late @ss shyt..nomatter what sumbody does sumone will b displeased..get over it


  12. TYLER

    u rihanna fans should worry about rihanna album that has leaked and hope nelly does not take that #1 spot. lmfaoo i know i helped leak her songs and i aint buyin that retarded album.

    Anyway i love this chick keri hilson is everything. damn she soooooo damn fine


  13. goldie

    keris the shit yu keep doing ya thing baby!


  14. king

    keri is goin to flop and we all know that rihanna will still sell way more than keri


  15. king

    and all the song that was leaked from rihanna sound very good and keri songs sound very bad she trying to look like rihanna 09


  16. TYLER

    ^^^ keri has never flopped lmfaoo sellin a GOLD album for a new artist is not flopping

    Did rihanna sell platinum when she came out NO
    Did trey songz 1st to albums even go gold NO
    Did jazmine sullivan album go gold NO

    Keri hilson is doing her thing at least her album has sold 1 million copies world wide and she has 3 platinum singles under her belt
    turnin me on
    knock you down
    and i like

    she did good for somebody who dissed beyonce and is still in the game. even tho beyonce aint a threat.

    Anyway Keri fans Good news Pretty Girl Rock will probably chart in the Next 2 weeks air play is getting really good it is right behind pink’s raise a glass on airplay charts. If they drop breaking point now then keri would have charted on BB hot 100 by now but breaking point is hurting pretty girl rock because.

    By the way Breaking point has shot up from #400 on itunes to # 170 in just 2 days. They need to let this die it is on a rollercoaster and hurting Pretty Girl Rock. But keri will be on 106&park this thursday to promote and hopefully bring the pretty girl rock video


  17. TUMTUM

    she looks amazing :)
    and up until i saw some of these ridiculous comments, i was unaware that rihanna is the only ever person to have blonde hair before keri :|

    WOW you haters really are sad…
    shameful really :\


  18. reginae hutt

    Ok not tryin to compare but beyonce wears less and is older…jst sayin


  19. Tryna be Rih.

    DEATH @ Kermit NEVER flopping.

    Return The Favour.
    Slow Dance
    Change Me

    Do they ring a bell?


  20. reginae hutt

    @tryna be rih, check da stats on return da favor and energy. Both did well over seas, and slow dance was not even a mainstream single only urban. And last I checked change me was never released as a single


  21. Nait Phoenix

    Britney called. She wants her look back! JK

    She looks really sexy! And I like that she’s rocking the bob again. Only she, out of all the black women I could think of, could rock a blonde bob!!! Do your thing Miss Keri Baby!


  22. Gary

    Keri has no talent, sorry to say. Willow Smith take ovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


  23. B.A.Mami

    Keri still got the haters minds I see…….anyway cant wait for the album promo is starting to kick in this pic is HOT.

    & WTF Keri can sing, write hit songs & can dance how the hell is that no talent.


  24. TYLER


    anyway to the idiot who tried keri

    rihanna has plenty flop singles and albums

    pon de replay, etc. lmfaoo she flopped 2 times until good girl gone bad.

    beyonce has flopped songs to

    listen, ego, video phone etc. none of these songs even reached the top 40 on billboard.

    every artist will flop in some type away in their career


  25. From Tokyo

    Where did the Willow Smith stuff come from? Some of y’all kill me with comparisons and bringing up unrelated stuff. If we believed what some of y’all said, then Rihanna created every hair style and Lady Gaga created fashion and they never existed before them in spite of thousands of years of civilization!

    Be bored somewhere else instead of trying to start something where there is nothing. smh Deuces!


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