New Music: T.I. f/ Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Dying in Your Arms’

T.I. and Jazmine Sullivan

T.I.’s love is a lethal weapon on “Dying in Your Arms,” a track reportedly from his new album No Mercy. “Living’s overrated, I see heaven when you make it, in your eyes and your thighs, girl,” raps the incarcerated rapper over the sauntering beat.

A sprung Jazmine kills ‘em softly with her angelic voice, cooing, “So don’t let go of me now ’cause I’m dyin’ in your arms tonight/ Tell all my people around that I’ll see them in the afterlife.”

Listen below and tell us if this collabo is to die for.

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  1. Flexy

    NIce 2 NIce


  2. Chri$

    Great song;)


  3. Its Da King Homieee

    Wooonderfuuuul sooong dayuuum !!! :D
    2 of my favourites out there…
    the kinnnng and the underrated jazmine sullivan
    HOT TRACKK definetly


  4. jeremydante

    they need to move jazmine’s album up; i cant wait for that shit to drop.


  5. whatever

    ummmmmmmmm I’ll pass…T.I. YOU’RE FALLING OFF SORRY


  6. graicen

    im sorry but i have to agree with whatever


  7. brian B...

    Wow jazmine is really going in on this one, I could listen to this all dAy!!!! Nice


  8. HR

    Ummm i know this is T.I’s song, but Jazmine would of killed it even better alone…


  9. patty

    NICe love it :) keep it up TIP and JS


  10. tiffany

    can’t wait for NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MERCY

    this will be the best album of the year with the nelly’s one and the Ciara’s one


  11. jhuntdaprodigy

    ^^^^^^^^ @Tiffany *Dead*


  12. ayototz

    I love the raggae tinged feel of the track and a good track but t.i. rap was uuhhmmmmmmm………………………..average


  13. tiffany



    THIS is the king of atlanta
    we love him

    be sure to got a copy of no mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy menn!!


  14. Newii_babbii

    Ths rite here .. is really .. gonna make it .. like really …. Any jazmine .. she killed it with her vocie just the icing on the cake ..@ watever . Who are you to point your finher and judge that the whole reason he made “get back up ” yu dumb ass .. T.i was rite … mutherfuckers saying yeah watever here we go agian .. and you proved him right….
    Any Shout to my Nigga T.i .. you the best that ever happnened …

    – FREE T.I. –


  15. christ

    this would be the best album of 2011 i can say t.i.p personnality is transforming long live to da king


  16. christ



  17. Yes

    Wow I like this! Can’t wait for the album. I like how his music is different.


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