R. Kelly’s ‘Love Letter’ Arrives Dec. 14

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is back like he never left. Having released his compilation album Epic this past September, Kellz is prepping his 11th studio album Love Letter for a December 14 release. It will be preceded by the soulful ballad “When a Woman Loves” and follow-up single “Love Letter,” impacting radio November 22.

In addition to releasing the LP, the Pied Piper has penned a “Love Letter” for the holidays with a remix to his title track called “Love Letter Christmas.” He’s already found success with “When a Woman Loves,” which is the highest-charting bow by a male artist since Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” and has cracked the top 5 on the Urban Adult Contemporary chart.

Get ready to celebrate the holidays with one of R&B’s most creative minds.

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  1. whatever



  2. Sigint

    Kelly is back !!


  3. saio



  4. LOL



  5. 250 MG

    R.Kelly is genious!!! “Love Letter” will be amazing, but it will not be a chart success :( :( :(


  6. KellZKING!

    This album IS going to be a huge success. Mark my words.


  7. usherbig fan

    hhhhhhhhhhh r kelly hhhh all the fans of music loves usher and mj the legands of all times hhh kelly usher is phenomenel king of r&b e ver of all times is king just king ever oh oh oh oh o my gosh


  8. Lisa

    I love the King of R&B with his sexy ass! His last album ‘Untitled’ released last December is very underrated, but amazing. I haven’t stopped listening to ‘Untitled’ since December. Move aside dance queen Usher and rip-off Trey Songz, the King is back!


  9. R.i.P.

    I hope that Kellz don’t flop again…
    that’s that shit lol


  10. David

    Kellz is going to release a classic. Going back to the top.


  11. Jo



  12. Kellz4eva

    @siao no matter what all these haters say, the r&b music played on urban radio today has r.kelly influence all over it. Kellz is a legend


  13. D. Kellz

    I will say this R. Kelly has never fell off contrary to belief he will always be a legend no matter what anyone says wether you like him or dislike him or like his songs or dont like them his 20 year success record speaks for itself his production speaks for itself when you write mor people such as MJ, Celine Dion, Ronald Isley, And Whitney Houston just to name a few he has already proven himself already. And he does not have to sell a million copies or 1 copy to prove anything to anyone the man is a legend and all i say is respect his legacy he has paved only god can judge this man when it comes to his personal life but in ,usic he is the “King Of R&B” give him his respect and a lot of young R&B singers today sample his music style and sound like him wether you like it or not so i dont call you haters at all! I siply say respect a legend he has paved the way for new R&B artist and his track record speaks for itself if you dont believe me go to wikipedia every album including compilation albums he has made has gone platinum and only Untitled has not but like i said its not about that for him he has done a lot in his 20 plus year career and yes im a die hard Kellz fan just speaking the truth!


  14. Otheking

    Kelz is king! I hope love letter rocks. the album will be a classic, I hope the new age will embrace it as we will. I hope it sells well. December 14!!!


  15. mean

    unerated hope he sell big


  16. YeezyFan

    its gonna be awesome but i have a feelin it wont sell well and he’ll go back to bullsht music on his next album


  17. rkelly the king

    yeeeaaah i wait this albuum :D R. kelly the king of RnB :) :) :) and a wish this album charted on Billboard 200 at NUMBER 1 !!! :)


  18. Sharee

    The king is back Kells has been making hits since 1988 he has never flop. He is the king no other rb artist out can check him boo.


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