Video: Jessie J – ‘Do It Like a Dude’

Jessie J

She stole our heart in Los Angeles, now Jessie J mans up in the video for “Do It Like a Dude,” the U.K. single from her debut album Who You Are. Outfitted with spiky black diamonds on her lips and her signature bob, the British singer-songwriter mean mugs in an underground club while dancing with a gang of boyish dancers. Get acquainted with the U.K.’s hottest new export.

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  1. whatever



  2. mm..

    may have to warm up to it more..but wouldnt mind hearing more from her


  3. Lj18

    She’s just Incredible, I urge people to go search Jessie J on you tube, and hear this girl SANG!!!! Love the video!


  4. A.d.

    im from the UK and i”m so glad our talent is getting recognised in the US more nowadays.

    And jessie j, this video is SICK.


  5. RAHJA

    *goes to youtube to look up more music from her*
    yo! this is a dope ass song. never heard of her until now! sounds like she’s got some nice vocals on her!


  6. RAHJA

    The UK chicks have some of the most amazing, unique voices! Ex. Amy Winehouse, Adele, Leona Lewis, Joss Stone! Mad talent!


  7. Prada-G

    Yeaa I love her! yo ya’ll gotta go and search her on youtube! Ive been watching her for a lil while now, she can SANG!! dis joint rocks, and ya’ll should listen to “MAMA KNOWS BEST” her vocals on dat are amazing!!!!!!


  8. Ebz

    Love love love Ms.Jessie J. Big white room is one of my all time favs!!! I wish she would have showcased her vocals (which are aMAZing) but I understand her need to grasp ppls attention first. Gon head Ms. Jessie.


  9. M&M

    Please DO NOT compare Jessie J with Rihanna!

    This girl’s voice is incredible! And her lyrics are amazing! Pure talent.


  10. sagb

    she looks 2 crazy 4 me lol


  11. young$$MOVEMENT;

    i been on jessie j. for a few months. i love this girl. she really got talent. can write and everything. this girl really be swagging and has a lot in store, like natalia kills. i love her. please don’t compare her to rihfund.


  12. NYC



  13. geesucation

    Jessie J, not crazy bout da video. But still a fan. Nobody’s Perfect, Big White Room & Who You Are = perfection! yeh the uk does have mad talent, watch out for: Rita Ora, Keisha Buchanan, Jessie J, Alexandra Burke, Daley, Talay Riley, Loick Essien, Tinie Tempah Labrinth, Tawiah, Unklejam, Sean Alto.

    Just to prove my point:
    Leona Lewis, Marsha Ambrosius, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, Taio Cruz, Jay Sean etc etc

    Mad Talent!


  14. wth...

    No way. Shes trying too hard and ends up looking amateurish like every other uk pop act. This chick is too good for this tacky rubbish…


  15. Christina

    Jessie J is so much better than this video is portraying! Go check out her song “Who You Are,” it showcases her talent much better.


  16. From Tokyo

    Thanks for putting up something about international artists again – now if you could go farther east too… I like the black lipstick but I can’t hear her “voice”. I would have to see something else from her.


  17. Dadude

    OMG. I love Jessie J. People need to stop comparing her to the Rihanna’s, Nicki’s, Lady GaGa’s. She is her own entity. And she got pipes like never heard before. Just watch the acoustic version of the song, that is who Jessie is at the heart. She’s a Beast! I hope she straight takes over in the US


  18. bob

    go away youre scary


  19. beth

    i love this song soooooooo much lol xx


  20. beth

    i cant belive jessie j had a new song do it like a dude lol i love it sooooo much ahh i want a new song from jessie j
    lol xxxxxxxxxxx new song


  21. beth

    board i like it but she is a rubise singer :)


  22. beth

    tik tok better than this :)


  23. beth

    add me plz jessie j rubise :(


  24. beth

    new song lol xx


  25. beth

    go away you scarey


  26. anderson

    eu adoreiiiiiiiiii


  27. Abby

    what is the girls name at 1:18 anyone???


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