Ameriie Goes Back to Black


Ameriie is done having her blonde moment. The “1 Thing” singer has gone back to her black-haired roots with her latest hairstyle. She debuted the long locks at the Los Angeles movie premiere of Skyline at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE on Tuesday (Nov. 9). “Thank God I never actually cut it!” she tweeted.

Ameriie Ameriie Ameriie

Do you prefer Ameriie with blonde or black hair?

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  1. carl

    GOOD cos she looked HELLA stupid with that blonde wig.


  2. ...

    Ugh thank goodness. She looks 100000x better with black hair.


  3. Jayden

    Ow my queen looks amazinggggggggg. So excited about #Cymatika! U guys don’t forget her new single “Outside Your Body” is dropping in 6 days! And follow Ameriie on Twitter here >>>

    We love our QUEEN!


  4. jeremydante

    blah- she needs to focus on music not the color of her hair.


  5. Killed IT

    good for her


  6. D.I

    she looks hawt


  7. AnnkA

    I love her whatever she does! she can do no wrong.
    2011! can’t wait 4 her album!


  8. Jordan

    Amerie looks better with black hair, she’s still hot regardless


  9. Teliah Winters





  10. Nait Phoenix

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Dave

    @jeremydante Uh… she is. She is like working on her album, her single does release next Tuesday. People swear they know what they’re talking about. She’s a human & a lady, she can change her hair. Anyway… She looks nice. I’m thinking “OH shit..” I thought she did cut her hair, she coulda fooled me. Cause i’m like where is this long hair coming from, she got in extensions?, but she never cut it, guess it was a wig or something.


  12. Kev

    She could get it anytime she could have everything blonde or brown hair… lol I need her to go back to her All I Have roots tho I mean I’ll support her no matter what but I’m dying to see her work with Rich Harrison again… wonder what happened


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    co-sign with Dave!

    Girls get different hairstyles and alter their color all the time. It’s not that serious, she can do her music and change her hair color at the same time. I can’t lie, her with black hair is my favorite. Dark blue hair would be cool as hell though!


  14. Maya What

    Love Ameriie either way but I wasn’t feeling that dry looking blonde wig. I can’t wait for Outside of Ya Body next week!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. PUHLEASE!!!

    That nappy thing was a wig? Yes, thank God she didn’t cut it and thank God she didn’t really die her hair that ugly blonde!


  16. ugurekin

    she can’t be ugly :))


  17. EPIC FAIL!!

    Amerie is sooooo lame! Yea, you cut your hair and dyed it and it was a FAIL!! This IS a weave, like she has always had. Get real Amerie, who do you think you are fooling?!?!

    AND…Amerie – you can NOT sing. Please stop torturing us with that screeching you call singing. PUHLEASE!!!


  18. AJ

    @epic fail shut up. u prolly cant sing. anyway i like A either way she will always be a sexy, talented artist


  19. MaZ

    Shorter(shoulders) black can be sexy too!


  20. thestylisto

    i think this is boring.. i love ameriie and how her name use to be spelled but this look makes her look like a kardashian again! and i love the kardashian’s also, no diss.. just at least w/ the blond cut with black roots showing mad her pop more and gave me something new w/ her. i hope her music is strange enough this time around to get her to the top cause at this point i think she just might be another flop, sad to say. and i will enjoy her other four albums i already own cause like i said i love ameriie and will always support her. im just giving my opinion/ thoughts.


  21. Wesley

    @EPIC FAIL, your mother is a epic fail to.
    Leave Ameriie alone or get a life. the’re must be something wrong whit your ears if you think that she can’t sing. Grow Up!!!!!!!


  22. Wesley

    Bye the way, this isn’t a weave, it’s her natural her you idiots.


  23. Wesley

    Bye the way, this isn’t a weave, it’s her natural her you idiots.GET A LIFE PLEAS
    Go hatin on Beyonce, she’s jacking all kind of style including Amerie’s style, haters are weak and dumb and pathetic.


  24. Yo

    I need for Ameriie to stop lying. This is a weave and I need for her to fess up. The blonde damaged her hair and she HAD to go darker before all her d*** hair fell out! Don’t believe the hype. As an unapologetic weave wearer, I urge you to put aside those basic thoughts and see Ameriie’s hair for what is: A WEAVE! It’s not called hating, it’s called having eyes.

    Nevertheless, I think she looks great with the dark hair. Much more striking. Blonde doesn’t look good on everyone. Ask Diddy’s ma.



    “Yo” and “Epic Fail” = BASIC BIRDS.



    I can’t wait for the new album to drop I heard 2 singles from it already “Who’s Gonna Love You” and “Outside Your Body” and i’m feeling the vibe. That’s what I love about Ameriie she is so talented and versatile at the same time.


  26. Barbara

    I love Ameriie I am a big fan and she will always be a #1 stunner. She could shave her head and still put these other basic bum bitches to shame on her worst day. I have all her albums and I can’t wait to see her in concert! :)


  27. Gaylyn

    I’m DEFINITELY happy that she went back to the black. It compliment her features. She’s too exotic looking for the blond and it took her natural beauty away. I’m not really concerned about her hair, but I’m more concerned about the promotion behind her music. She has a great voice, can dance and has a certain “je ne sais qoui” where with the right promotion team and the right marketing, she could have better sales and definitely be of a more international star. However, I will always be a fan.


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