Video: Jamie Foxx Previews New Music on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Jamie Foxx and George Lopez

Jamie Foxx toasted George Lopez’s second season with shots of “water” before discussing getting high with Snoop Dogg for two weeks, not getting along with Kobe Bryant (“I don’t go to Lakers games because me and Kobe don’t like each other”), and how President Obama keeps cool. He even previewed material from his new album, singing a song for the ladies called “Let Me Get You on Your Toes” and “Yep, That’s Me” dedicated to the independent men and women.


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  1. Dee

    Jamie is hilarious!! The dude is so talented. Cant wait for the new album.


  2. SupMafarker

    hahaha hes awesome


  3. irvin

    I love how they got hype men on standby at the end just ready to get onstage in case somebody’s about to perform lol Jamie seems like a fun guy to party with


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