Video: Rihanna Performs ‘Only Girl’ on ‘Le Grand Journal’


Rihanna’s European invasion continues. Following stops in the U.K. and Italy, the red-haired singer brought her hit “Only Girl (In the World)” to France, performing the upbeat track on “Le Grand Journal.” On a stage covered in white balloons, she dazzled with a playful rendition of the Loud tune, circling around the audience as she belted over the backing band. Get into RiRi’s zone below.

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  1. Giamma

    Loved the energy and the interaction


  2. u knoe

    twitvid SUCKS!!!!can barely even play da DAMN THING



    take over baby girl………take over


  4. Is it just me or...

    Black Katy Perry anyone?


  5. back2basics

    she’s everywhere… Luv RiRi


  6. whatever



  7. ohwell

    she is bascally takong over Europe right now =/ go girl! getcha money up!


  8. sosad

    she’s looking FLAWLESS


  9. Jay S

    @ Is It Just Me……lol yes i am getting that

    I dont like it


  10. Becca

    rih cannot perform.

    her stans need to learn to deal with it.

    praising her beauty or interaction isn’t going to cut it lmao


  11. KingMo

    I’m NO Rihanna fan by ANY means…can’t stand her…lol…cuz she isn’t a credible performer to me…BUT, I MUST say, this performance was kinda good…it was cute. lol It was good…for Rihanna…in general, it was mediocre…but she knows how to interact with a crowd. Good job to her.


  12. Ross

    I give her props for trying to sing live. I just wish she was better at it


  13. Ahhhh

    Alll I got to say is she better kill AMA cuz if she dont im done!!!!1NO STAN CANT TELL ME SHIT AFTER THAT CUZ SHE SHOULD BE BETTER THANK THIS IN MY OPINION!!!


  14. Jean alchemist

    Bleatanna cannot sing dance or do anything,and her fans are imbecilenavy!


  15. Becca

    Love you @Jean alchemist


  16. king

    rihanna did very good jus need to dance


  17. sabrina

    This sucked!


  18. tiffany

    this was horribleeeeeeeeeeeee


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