10 Questions for Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans

Two-and-a-half years have elapsed since 18-year-old Tiffany Evans’ sparkling vocals have graced the airwaves. But don’t take her missing-in-action ways as a sign she’s out of the music circuit for good. The petite star’s been busy crafting the follow-up to her 2008 self-titled debut. While the sophomore project has a title she’s yet to reveal, the mature Ms. Evans talks openly about her new single, the piano-laden ballad “I’ll Be There,” to a crowd of high school students. “It’s very inspirational,” she shares at the “I Will Graduate” concert inside the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. “I hope you feel it and love it.”

After shaking the hands of staunch supporters while performing on stage, Tiffany, who recently signed to a management deal with Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment, grabs a seat and crosses her legs ever so lady-like, to discuss her return to the capricious music business. Read on as the cheerful songstress reveals why she had trouble turning to singers like Ciara for advice, the singing legend who inspires her, and the rap song that keeps her on her feet. This soul sister knows a good 16 when she hears it.

1. You recently shot the video for “I’ll Be There.” What can we expect to see you doing in the video?
The director’s name is Adam Tillman. Really the video is going to be very inspirational. We want it to be beautiful. We want to focus on the characters in the video—a woman that is going through a breakup, a frightened child, and an underachieving teen. We want them to feel like they’re going to go through a depressed, sad stage, and think everything is over. Then you have me praying for them and wishing the best for them. Magically, they start feeling hope and receive messages of hope and love in their hands.

2. You had Ciara on your debut single “Promise Ring.” She seemed like a big sister to you. Did you ever turn to her or anyone else in the music industry for advice?
It was actually no one. I could talk to people as much as I wanted to and call my friends as much as I wanted to and try to talk to them, but it started with me. Once I realized that, everything started to change.

3. Where have you called home throughout the years?
I grew up in the South Bronx [in New York], Gun Hill Road, White Plains. I lived in Queens as well. I lived everywhere.

4. Finish this sentence: The best thing about growing up in the Bronx is…?
The ice man. He’s the Italian ice man and he comes around with his little metal cart. He has different flavors—cherry, sometimes pineapple. My favorite is coconut.

5. What’s one rap song you just can’t get out of your head?
This is a bad one, but a good one. [Sings] Big Meech, Larry Hoover, “B.M.F.” by Rick Ross. That song just exudes so much swagger it’s ridiculous. Even if you don’t like Rick Ross, you’re going to be like, “Oh yeah!”

6. Which aspect of your career are you trying to master?
I want to learn to play guitar. The biggest one is winning a bunch of Grammys.

7. Your sophomore album has been floating around with the title of Miss Tiffany, which hints at a more mature sound. How have you grown since the release of your first album?
Now [the album is] untitled. I know I had it out there [as Miss Tiffany] before. I have been out of the spotlight for three years, so I’ve had a lot of time to experience things. I think the most important was learning how to love. I’ve already loved, just being able to trust and know not everybody is out there to hurt me and get me. When I was younger, when you guys saw me, when I did “Promise Ring” and “I’m Grown,” I wasn’t really confident and secure. Now I think the experience that has made me become a woman is learning to know that everyone is not the enemy.

8. Who are some of the producers you’re working with on the new album?
A-Rex, they did Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl.” They’re made up of two producers—they’re really amazing. One writer I’m going to name is Cri$tyle. She’s done Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” and Beyoncé’s “Scared of Lonely.” Me and her have been working together and it’s turning out amazing.

9. Is there one artist who has inspired your career?
My inspiration is Whitney Houston. She’s the reason why I sing. But now, I listen to Kings of Leon. That’s why I want to play guitar. When I hear them sing and perform, you feel it for real. I love them, they’re so dope.

10. What’s one item you never forget to go out of the house with each day?
Earrings… No, wait, my phone.

–Georgette Cline

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  1. sabrina

    Love it! Good luck to her.


  2. Joseph McCoy

    such an awesome girl!


  3. Really

    Just go away – still going to flop!


  4. meme

    I have a question….WHY IS SHE SO JEALOUS OF RIHANNA?

    < Pulls out chair, B**ch have a seat.


  5. shan

    Meme ain’t nobody say anything rihanna,i love rihanna but i dont get why some fans think everybody wants to be like her or jealous of her.Stop it ok cause rihanna and tiffany are two different beautiful and talented artists.


  6. Musik

    Ummmm…I LOVE Tiffany! She’s so real & down 2 earth. She really seems lyk she is tryna do rite in EVERY aspect of her life. So 4 all dat sayz she is gonna flop, she most likely will sell more than U imagine. & 4 da 1 comment on Rihanna, I dont think she’s hatin on her. She said herself she has nuthin against Ri. Anyways, I wish Tiff da best!


  7. brainwash


    wut r u TALKIN ABOUT??? don’t make urself look like one of dem ciara stans, thinking everything is about herr…anyways i love TIFFANY, her music is very good but doesnt impact people as much as it should…but i hope she gets the recognition she deserves


  8. whatever

    @meme I’m with you all the way!!!!!!! but I ^^^Good Luck with her career


  9. Quita

    I hope album does very good this time around…Ive been listening to her for the las 7 years, and believe she has one of the best voices in the world! She is a better singer than the one somebody said she “hatin on”…


  10. let's be real

    She’s an amazing singer and has personality from what I see in interviews. Now that she’s 18 yrs old people will accept her maturity and wisdom over tracks. When she first came out she was wiser then her years and couldn’t relate to the real young and the older people weren’t believing her. Now she’s an adult.

    To judge her for HER OPINIONS that she made when she was younger based on HER OWN understanding then you are insane/crazy/ridiculous/ Rihanna fans. smh.

    You guys can’t love Rihanna. Those who harbor hate can’t love. So everytime you “drag” Tiffany Evans or Chris Brown ,etc (especially if you’re over 17) you are making it hard to ever meet your idol because being rude doesn’t get you rewards like that.


  11. -

    Ya’ll just hating because tiffany can sing way better than Rihanna!


  12. Dave

    I really like her, but I didn’t like the mini tude she gave me 1 day when I asked her a simple question & She wanted to sate it like what I saw in her tweet couldn’t possibly be taken as how I saw it. So, i’m here & there with her. But, she’s a very talented individual. She’s the vocal truth of the younger generation. Hopefully, her new label does her right because Matthew is a snake.


  13. greg

    i wonder wat happend with her and ciara


  14. RJ

    “let’s be real” – okay, you’re just delusional. People didn’t judge her for “her opinions”, they judged her (rightfully, may I add) for accusing Rihanna of being affiliated with the Illuminati. She shouldn’t have gone around making accusations like that, so stop acting like she didn’t do anything wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Tiffany and her music. I just think she’s kind of shady sometimes. She denied saying the Rihanna thing even though Necole Bitchie had proof that she did. And a couple months after that, she insisted on her Twitter that she was 18 (she was actually 17 at the time). When people called her on that, she deleted her tweets.

    So yeah, I like her and I hope she has grown up. She has a great voice and seems to be making some good R&B.


  15. Brom

    I love Tiffany Evans! This is a great interview. She did another one with Singersroom, I love seein artists have real talk. She’s a great artist who writes emotional and meaningful lyrics, which we need more of in this industry. Love the “I’ll Be There” video


  16. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || 10 Questions for Tiffany Evans…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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