M.I.A. Unleashes Wild Style in Britain


M.I.A. put her wild style on display during a show at O2 Academy Brixton in London on Wednesday (Nov. 10). The singer performed a lively set filled with familiar songs including “Paper Planes,” “Boyz,” and “Galang,” wearing a spotted keffiyeh, giraffe-print leggings, iridescent blue shorts and jacket, and goggle glasses. If this was anyone else, we’d be surprised.

M.I.A. M.I.A.

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  1. mesouth

    Can’t wait to see her live!!


  2. trippin456

    shes up there with Lady Gaga for being so wierd…only liked her on “swagga like us” and that other joint she did


  3. novelero

    i think shes actually more legit than lady gaga … shes been doing this controversial thing longer >> lady gaga was still ‘experimental’ and a fashion-less brunette..


  4. Emancipation

    M.I.A. is a originator. Lady Gaga is a fraud.


  5. K^star

    I Don’t Understand Why She Said In The Past Lady Gaga Sounds More Like Me Then I Do??? I Don’t Get It They Different In So Many Ways… And M.I.A. Didn’t Start Dressing Crazy Until Lady Gaga Came Around


  6. Gahd


    Are you kidding me? She was wearing wild an unique textiles before Lady Gaga came around. Go back to 2006 and see live performances of her.



  7. cjfbdsjgbn

    when she said that she sounds more like me than i do she was referring to that wale chillin’ song

    dressing crazy is what lady gaga does cus she wants some attention.. mia wears third world gear n shit i dont think you’d find her going about with a lobster on her head or a meat dress


  8. nicole

    love M.I.A. loving the new hair cut reminds me of the Kala era.


  9. P

    Ugh, this woman….


  10. laralove

    She’s FUCKEN Amazing LIVE & I have seen both her & gaga…M.I.A is way fucken BETTER!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Jay

    Danced on stage with her in Boston. She’s not “good” live in terms of vocals, but holy fuck is she fun.


  12. HA

    M.I.A. been being original ever since she came out, that’s so funny that you said she didn’t start until Lady Gaga came around, she already had 2 albums out before Lady Gaga came out. And Lady Gaga does sound like M.I.A. on Wale’s song, I don’t know if it was intentional but you know. Lady Gaga is original as a visual and performing artist but her music isn’t. M.I.A. is just original all around.


  13. kani

    mia’s the indie dance queen, much like bjork during the last decade.

    gaga is mainstream like madonna.


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