Video: Kanye West Sits Down with Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Show

Matt Lauer and Kanye West

After taking to his Twitter account to express his outrage over an interview with Matt Lauer, the full “Today” show interview reveals why. During the pre-taped chat, things took a turn for the worse after the network made ‘Ye watch a clip of former President Bush speaking about the rapper’s infamous remarks.

“I didn’t need you guys to show me the tape and prompt my emotions to what I’m going to say,” said an irritated Kanye. “Pre-looking at his face, I came up here because I wanted to say something to him right after the fact. I don’t really have to do the TV stuff. This is reality, this is the real thing going on. I don’t need all the jazz.”

Taking the high road, the Chi-town MC continued the interview by explaining why he made remarks against Bush in 2005 regarding his response to Hurricane Katrina.

“I’m here to man up to different mistakes that I made and speak to the moment when I pegged George Bush as a racist,” he said. “I came here to say I’ve made mistakes and grown as a person and that it’s not as easy as boxing someone into a villain role or into a race role. I did not have the information, enough information in that situation to call him a racist. That might’ve been the emotion that I felt.”

Yesterday, Kanye explained how the interview went wrong by venting on his Twitter account, stating that Lauer tried to force his answers. “I don’t mess with Matt Lauer or the Today Show … and that’s a very nice way for me to put it!” he wrote. “HE TRIED TO FORCE MY ANSWERS. IT WAS VERY BRUTAL AND I CAME THERE WITH ONLY POSITIVE INTENT.”

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  1. mamamamam

    matt lauer is so stupid, he needs to be fired!!!!!!!


  2. Chri$

    After watching that clip i just wanted to punch matt lauer.


  3. Will

    WOW!!! You can tell Matt Lauer made Kanye extremely uncomfortable and he really tried to make Kanye feel like he was a little child being told what he said was wrong. We all know Kanye went out of line with saying that but having to play the clips was so damn unnecessary. Matt Lauer is messed up for that.


  4. Yan

    Kanye is such an idiot. He is paying for his mistakes.


  5. Yan

    But i got to admit, he music is good.


  6. Lisa

    Wow Kanye is amazing. They tried to play with his emotions by playing the George Bush clip, but he wasn’t having it. There’s an interview on worldstarhiphop from a week ago where Kanye was just speaking from his heart and he said he felt bad for what he said about Bush and admitted that he’s made these mistakes and he has to live with the consequences.

    Yes the Today Show plays clips for all of their guests, but Kanye was just the first one brave enough to say that it’s not right. If someone comes onto a show to apologize for a terrible thing they’ve done do you really think they want to hear/see a clip of them doing whatever it was they did in the past?

    +1 for Kanye


  7. Will

    @Lisa Agree with you 100%


  8. meme

    I dont see the big deal. Kanye was over reacting. Dave made him feel uncomfortable?? Damn I really wonder how Taylor and George felt when he did them wrong. We all know its all about Kanye…smh

    Anyway back to the album, Dark Fantasy is my fav track


  9. K.K.

    so serious, and so emotional :(


  10. meme

    And what some of u guys need to realize is thats wat reports do…Matt did his job perfectly. U can tell he is skilled.


  11. M J

    i do see one thing there first Lauer tells Kanye that they’re just gonna run a clip the Bush interview with no sound, but i guess when they didn’t get what they want, they threw the MTV awards clip out there without warning. that was uncalled for and even if they do this all the time, that was the first time things went differently


  12. play mee

    matt lauer is an a**hole


  13. mr

    Wow did Matt Lauer mean to come off rude I mean you dont have to speak to him like a child he already apoligized about something that happened years ago and for him to say look at his face as if kanye didnt know what he said. I mean people really hate this guy and for what because he is a human being like all of us. The only difference between kanye west and everyone else in this world is that we dont have cameras following us around catching our every slip up and mishap. This just proves to me how ignorant and mean the media can be. Kanye took time out of his life for this interview and it was like matt lauer was playing catch up trying to get everything off of his chest that he always wanted to ask. People need to move on from both of these incidents and focus on his music because it is better than alot of stuff that is out here.


  14. mr

    @meme your right that is what reporters do(exploit your faults) and kanye did not fall for those tricks. They do the same thing all the time to the weak but matt wasnt ecpecting kanye to speak up to him and shut that mess dup


  15. mr

    I typed really really fast the word is “expecting” not ecpecting and “Up” not dup


  16. meee

    Matt Lauer can go suck his mom .. he jus actin like a prik for attention .. this stuf is old.. no1 evn cares bout it now.. kanye is an amazing artist. he shits on and in matt lauer face.. kanye said what he felt and thats what ppl should do not go round acting like thy got a script on what they can and cant say about what they feel.


  17. Mr. WeSt

    would you prefer if he asked him soft questions? get over it. obviously kanye’s not that pissed or he wouldnt be returning to perform on the same show on 11/26. SMH


  18. Maxx

    Kanye and yall fans of his… get the fuck over it. I mean really. Kanye is a self centered asshole. He knows that and has accepted that, so anything that happens to him from here on out is a result of that and no one should be surprised. When Kanye cuts the fuck up everybody defends him. When someone goes in on his ass everybody gets mad, fuck it. That dude ain’t putting no money in my pocket so I ain’t trippin’ over his BS.


  19. @MrKalebBlake

    Kanye had an intention to look at this as a mistake, empathize with Bush, and to move on in a positive light. Matt Lauer’s use of the Taylor Swift footage was uncalled for–at this point, the 2009 VMA incident is common knowledge.

    Matt Lauer says that when guest bring up an incident, they play the footage. Ok…but who brought up the VMA incident? Not Kanye. That was a low-blow for Matt Lauer to hide his subtle agenda–on bringing up post-VMA reactions–under Kanye wanting to talk about it. It was uncalled for and Matt Lauer, and his sidekick at the end, need to sit in a corner–oh wait, they already do.


  20. Manjeo22

    Matt Lauer act like he did nothing wrong. He’s an asshole.


  21. jhuntdaprodigy

    Matt Lauer, listen to Runaway, it’s for you


  22. W

    OK, first things first. I’m a huge Kanye fan. I could probably run his fan club here in Toronto.

    But I’m also in PR and cringed when I saw this interview. Not only is this a publicists worst nightmare, but they didn’t do a good job. And they know it.

    First, I’m not sure who asked who to be on the show, but if it was Kanye’s publicist pitching to the producers for him to be on, then the publicist should’ve categorically laid down the story/angle of the interview and should’ve considered what sort of questions might be asked during the interview depending on the pitch. Plus, his publicist should be well aware what media and everyone else is talking about in regards to Kanye, so they should have expected the show to ask or bring up Bush’s comments. Yes, it was stupid for them to air the video, but not uncommon. Every talk show uses B-Roll ALL the time during segments, and especially with celebs. The publicist should have (and I mean, should have, it’s a no brainer) provided selected B-Roll for them to play and/or consider. I mean, if his publicist never did, then well…this is what you get. A publicists job is to ensure that the media don’t stray too far away from what you and the producers were talking about leading up to the interview. That’s if this interview was the publicist’s idea to do in the first place.

    I empathize with his publicist, I could feel and hear their cringe and jaws dropping during the entire interview. If I were them, I’d freak out completely. Yes, Matt Lauer was asking hard questions and was forcing Kanye to answer controversial questions. I give kudos to Kanye for handling it well. I loved when he stopped mid sentence at the end and retracted and said, “sorry I want to find the right word”. His publicist did amazing at media training him!

    But looking at the interview from a PR perspective, I’d be surprised if Kanye would now show up to that concert after this, let alone hire a new publicist.


  23. Beysus Servant

    I wanna see the Rihtard stans yap those gums when Matt reads her for filth asking her why she always talks about domestic abuse whenever her album is coming out oop!


  24. Jon

    fire Lauer!


  25. cubevision

    yan go jump in front of a moving bus. this matt lauer is a punk b****. nothing is how it seems with the media


  26. Sean


    He is completely overreacting. This is the kind of bull you need to put up with when you’re an a**hole in the past. Plain and simple.

    I respect what he said about George Bush and that he paused in order to say exactly what he wanted to say, but you can’t be a baby in regards to a typical clip playing over an interview.


  27. Boy Wonder

    Matt Lauer should go back to cheating on his wife and banging trannies. Google it!


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