Album Cover: Jesse McCartney – ‘Have It All’

Have It All

Jesse McCartney runs the city on the scenic cover for his fourth album Have It All, due December 28. J-Mac poses on a balcony overlooking New York City, rocking a leather biker jacket, dark jeans, and a paint-splashed tee. The LP has already spawned the Ammo-produced single “Shake,” and is set to feature contributions from Tyga, Kevin Rudolf, Sean Garrett, and Danja. Click here for the tracklisting.

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  1. greg

    Love this. The city and him both look great.


  2. Will

    This is one of the best covers ive seen this year hands down.


  3. let's be real

    Nice cover. Makes me think of “Inception” helps that he reminds me of Leo Dicaprio lol.

    Can’t wait for his album , the last one was phenomenal. Loved his venture into r&B and he’s a great writer.


  4. Courtney M

    I love this album cover. I love Jesse McCartney. Enough said.


  5. Jojoluver23

    @Will totallly agree! This is definitely his best album cover ever! It looks freaking awesome. Can’t wait for it to drop.


  6. kimberly

    Beautfiul album cover, its just art in itself.


  7. angie reyes

    I am sush a hnge fan of Jessie’s music icant say there is anything bad its a great cover and amazing poss


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