Video: Jazmine Sullivan – ‘10 Seconds’

Jazmine Sullivan

She busted the windows out his car and now Jazmine Sullivan gets revenge on a man that cheated on her in the video for “10 Seconds,” the second single off her sophomore album Love Me Back (Nov. 30). Kidnapping her unfaithful ex, Jaz ties him to a chair, straps a bomb to him, splashes him with a red drink, and roughs him up after she discovers him messing around with another girl. Watch as the Philly soulstress gets even.

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  1. chris

    beautiful song!!!


  2. Dillon_68

    I love the song and video, but honestly Rap-Up, paint? More like Kool-Aid.


  3. Joseph McCoy

    OMG, when will it stop?

    I love Jazmine Sullivan’s MUSIC… but these videos are getting dumber by the second.

    Loved the song, HATED the video…


  4. Meeks

    Love this song. Yes the pink needs to go RapUp. The only reason they changed the color is for Over rated Nicki Pink Friday Album so they want have to change it when it comes out. No hate. Call it like I see it. Its called marketing people.


  5. tee-tee

    love the song the video was boring. cud hv done without it


  6. jeremydante

    love the song, love jazmine- respect her artistry but this video’s direction is forced.


  7. Dave

    I liked the video, but the ending could’ve been better.


  8. RAHJA

    Sooo…is this Saw 8? LOL


  9. The Dimple Puppet

    You will have my money Jazzy on the 30th babes!


  10. Tiffany

    Seriously, does this bish have any other angles besides “u done me so wrong”? Got da m n, now I see why some cultures stay so down in the dumps. She will never have my money. Get better material.


  11. Fool

    i like this song and the video is memorable i think she is unique and does not get the credit she deserve she writes her on music she can sing and u can the emotion in her voice


  12. mr. minaj

    I agree with tiffany. I love jazmine for her lyrics, although sometimes I leave that behind for the great melodies and written music of the songs. Both her new singles so far have been super catchy and aesthetically beautiful, if not the most interesting or unique topic.


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