Lil Wayne Records First Song Since Jail

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has only been home for nine days, but he’s already recorded his first song since returning from Rikers.

His affiliate DJ Scoob Doo shared the news, comparing the song to his Grammy-winning hit “A Milli.” “Nino Brown aka @liltunechi Got His First Song Since Rikers Coming To Yall Soon,” he tweeted. “Just Think A 2010 Version Of A Milli..But On Streroids.”

Since coming home, Weezy took a few days to celebrate with his family and friends in New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Miami before returning to the studio. Among the songs on his to do list is a remix for Nicki Minaj.

He is also recording for his highly-anticipated album Tha Carter IV, tentatively due in the first quarter of 2011.

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  1. Brionna

    YAYYY im in dire need of a Weezy mixtape but a song will do for now hehehe!!!!



    spare us please. hip hop was starting to recover when the famous lollipop I kiss men , gibberish rapper looking like a troll lil wayne was in jail. somebody please lock this bi sexual up


  3. Cassive

    Need to hearing this.


  4. menace

    Word up ill bill. So its a 2010 version of a milli but on “streroids”?


  5. JustSayin

    Cant wait to hear it
    C4 Mr.Cartes Home!!!


  6. JustSayin



  7. tony

    ill bill, if you dont like it dont listen to it. because honestly, nobody gives a fuck what a hater thinks


  8. idk

    The Songs Is Going To Be Most Likely With T-Pain And Produced By Young Fyre Because Young Fyre Said On Twitter That He Got Confirmation That Lil’ Wayne Recorded His First Song On His Beat And With T-Pain…Check It Out On His Twitter!/youngfyre


  9. Nickii

    Is Weeze F Babyyy!!!


  10. Sixtus

    Yap dts what i want 2 hear, dt d master has recorded a new song.


  11. Carlos

    Ill Bill are you stupid Lil Wayne is the best rapper and is the heart of hip


  12. Jordan Kiskaden

    Can’t wait for Tha Carter IV to come out, Weezy’z Back!!!


  13. mistwalker

    lil waye better push his album back till summer 2011 cause DR DRE album detox comming pretty soon lol if hes smart he will release it this year as planed.. universal don’t wanna get in da way of the interscope machine especially when dre comming soon


  14. The Young Kingz Daily 2.0 » Blog Archive » Lil’ Wayne Records 1st Track Since Release

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  15. Cassive

    That’s Tune for you, putting in the work A.S.A.P! Wonder what the song sounds like…


  16. K.K.

    THA CARTER IV can’t wait :)


  17. MC Cheezy d junior WEEZY

    i love ya weezy wud up zoe and fuck haters, weezy i sure wanna be like u HURRAY!!!! FREE WEEZY


  18. tweety bby *_*

    i agree wit tony if you don’t fuqqin lik his music don’t listen to it nobody aint fuqqin puttin a weapon to your head and making you listen to it so if yew iz listenin tew it yew must dew lik sumtin bout him WDF yall hatin for he ddnt dew anything to yall if he bi let him be bi i mean he still dew gud music either way it fuqqin go and yall must hav nun. better tew dew if yall bytchin on lil wayne all day seriously give him a break he human just lik everyone else and none of us is fuqqin perfect yall just hatin cuz yall aint him BUT DON’T HATE JUST GET LIK HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*_*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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