New Music: Ameriie – ‘Outside Your Body’ [Snippet]


Ameriie goes global with the first single from her 2011 album Cymatika Vol. 1. Penned by Ameriie and produced by Andre Harris, Kasey Phillips, and Nikholai Greene, the sexy singer calls out London, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul on the dance-pop tune, even singing a little in Korean.

“When writing this album, I really wanted to talk about what affects us on a spiritual level. Not a religious level, but on the level pertaining to who we are, who we really are as spiritual beings,” Ameriie tells “I wrote about the intimidation we feel from different outside sources, including society in general, that cause us to want to hide who we are, change who we are, and suppress ourselves in a sense. I wrote about self-suppression as a self-defense type of reaction, self-defense from other people’s forceful ideas of who and how we should be.

“That’s what Cymatika as a project is really about. It’s about existing in this world and recognizing the power we all have naturally—truly realizing it. ‘Outside Your Body’ is about the recognition that we are eternal beings, that these physical bodies are not who we are, and how we should remember and celebrate our unlimited potential. We have no limits.”

The full song will debut tomorrow on, but has an exclusive sneak peek right here!

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  1. Wesley

    AMAZING SONG, Ameriie is back!!!


  2. carl



  3. YAY

    I cannot wait! sONG makes me feel good!


  4. Shamn

    Ugh I love Ameriie and lord knows I do but this shit right here is WEAK. I was hoping for her to come way HARDER than this but oh well. I guess she doesn’t want to succeed! & why is she changing her name and she coming with this weak mess. I can’t, I just can’t.


  5. CiaraMedlies



  6. youdontneedtoknow

    wack!wack! wack! so disappointed !!! why follow the trend Amerie???? you have your sound. com’on girl !!!


  7. Wesley

    Shut up carl, get a life


  8. Tiffany

    I just cant get with these pop/R&B singers going the euro-dance route. No thanks.


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    she sounds good, not my kind of beat tho, I still can’t wait for the full song


  10. Eric

    another one going dance??


  11. Stop Hating

    @Carl. Just becuase you can’t relate to it doesn’t mean it sucks.
    @ Tifanny. Aprecciate her work and like this song…or get the fuck of please.
    I hate hating people so much!!! but whatever.


  12. YAY

    Amerie has always marketed her music internationally, if you were a real fan you would know this, espically from her Because I love it album. This song for example is euro/rnb . Maybe the song will grow on you when you here it in full. ^^^


  13. Mmmmmm

    glad she not sounding like a dead screaming cat she sound good but i need to hear all of it.


  14. jaydeeEm

    this ish is a severe fail!!


  15. Jayden

    O_O this sounds like something Willow Smith would do not a 30 yr old woman. I just can’t w those childish lyrics. I think somebody is purposely trying to make her a permanent flop for life. God bless her soul because this album will sell 4k. I’m sorry but really. . . who actually would listen or buy this shit! I’m such a stan but I’m hiding in embarrassment from this wack shit. This has to be the worst song of the year w Keyshia Cole shortly behind.


  16. Julie

    I want to say fail so bad but i like it alittle bit. i need to hear full version 2. glad she woke up and left that hiphop mess alone.


  17. Julie

    This definitely has potential…especially internationally! Not sure about the US though. The Chorus seems very catchy, the vocals seem pleasant and the beat is feel good and dancy…she might be on to something.


  18. Julie

    Now I’m officially hooked i think hahaha


  19. nyc



  20. Chilly

    Amerie let that KOREAN side out!
    i love it, this era is going to be exciting!


  21. Freddie

    She is going for a different sound this time around. With the right promotion and video this could be a smash internationally. I’m not sure if it will impact the US Hot 100 chart but I know it will do well on the dance charts. It all comes down to DefJam really supporting and promoting her new music. If they don’t , she will have a tough time impacting radio and charts.


  22. Oh No

    It’s good that she is trying something new. She has had the same flop sound for years and wants to try new things. Hope this does well for her she need it. Now if only she would get vocal lessons and a new promotion team.


  23. L

    Nice, definitly has potential to be a hit. R&B or Pop its definitly a good look for Ameriie


  24. Shaytan

    I love her :)

    Funny people are so quick 2 critic artist for changing their style. They have 2 eat just like everyone else out there!

    When Kelis Ameriie & countless others were giving you R&B… You guys didn’t support them! So they target people that will.

    Rihanna’s Rated R album was a great album & people didn’t support it. 2 dark 2 deep not pop enough! Now they critic her for not growing and putting out generic music!

    People said Lil Kim was 2 nasty 2 hard core so she switched it up and went Hollywood. Then people started complaining ..

    People make up your mind!


  25. Kyle

    I love how she described the writing process for this album. She is such a sophisticated lady. I will definitely go out and cop her new album; been a fan since 2002.


  26. crh

    @ Shaytan I couldnt agree more


  27. saul



  28. Peeka Boo

    ^lMAPO…..i’m alittle stuck to. i dont know if i like it or not lol

    when is she going to go back to rich harrison she got flop songs and he got a flop group they need each other!


  29. Aj

    I know right@ shaytan. Y’all kept saying all her music sounded the same and she was screaming


  30. RAHJA

    O.o um, is this a song made for Disney Channel? NO!!


  31. ItsOscarYO

    Ugh. It’s moderate. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish Amerie wasn’t succumbing to the dance trend going around.

    I guess I like the Korean bits.


  32. Sol-power

    Whoa, sounds like she’s going for the Kpop crowd.


  33. Teliah Winters

    allll tha HATERS can STFU b’cuz she makin more MONEY THAN YOU WILL EVERRRR MAKE IN YO ENTIRE LIFE.


  34. hmmm

    i like amerie…but this is what happens when people dont appreciate your r&b/contemporary music…


  35. dillon_68

    Wow Amerie (or Ameriie), just wow.


  36. Phoenix_Wright

    Amerie has done different genres before and on Because I Love it she did a song that was electro-pop/dance too. She can do r&b and experiment with different genres if she wants. A lot of people don’t even know she did some Rock on the last album. It’s not that new people!

    Her singing parts in Korean is the only thing shocking.


  37. FAIL!

    Amerie can not sing and is not talented and her music is mediocre at best. Just a pretty face, nothing more. This new album will fail, just like the others, just like that blond dye job. (YES, she cut her hair and reverted back to the black weave – OPEN UR EYES PEOPLE!!) A career change is in order, maybe modeling or something.


  38. [Snipper] Ameriie – Outside your body « Te blog frumos!

    [...] Noul album al tipei va fi lansat abia la inceputul anului viitor, acesta are o poveste si are legatura in principal cu ceea ce ne afecteaza pe noi la nivel spiritual. Nu neaparat religios. Cine suntem noi cu adevarat? Va reusi oare Ameriie sa ne lamureasca prin intermediul muzicii sale? ) NEah! Check this out! [...]

  39. TheBigPicture

    It’s consistent with EVERYTHING she has said about the new sound. And it’s catchy. I think when we get the full effect everyone will like it.

    It’s a great record. It’s a party record. It has its audience and will do pretty well. Such a shame the way people listen to new music and are ready to pounce on someone like rabid wolves.

    If you listen to what she has said about it, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Damn, people!


  40. Dave

    I can tell by the description i’m gonna love this, & Imma need people to understand Ameriie’s an “Artist” not a categorized/labeled singer. I love the song by the way. & YASSSSSSSSSSSS @ the full thing premiering on her website tomorrow.


  41. Teliah Winters

    hatin ass mutha’z


  42. Phoenix_Wright


    ur whole comment was fail, cause

    1. she had a blond weave over her real hair which she didn’t cut!
    2. her last album was the only 1 that failed, the others did decent sales.
    3. u obviously haven’t went thru her albums cause she sings her ass off in her slow songs(especially on her 1st album)


  43. @ Phoenix_Wright

    Open you eyes and your ears. DECENT sales…LOL, Amerie has had ONE hit!! I’ve listened to her scream and screech and strain on EVERY song I’ve heard. I’ve given her a fair shake and she has proven that her voice is weak and needs coaching.

    And that was NOT a blond wig…believe what you want, I KNOW and she KNOWS – it was just a mistake on her part, a cry for attention and it worked!! It’s really not a big deal, she’s still pretty, and working the black weave as she always has.

    She needs to either invest in some singing lessons or model… THAT IS ALL!!


  44. Kayla B.

    Ameriie is an artist, but not every artist puts out good art. This song is not good art. She’s reaching on this one…


  45. Hating Bitch Above

    Y r u a hating bitch?? Y? Amerie has a beautiful voice, no matter what a hating bitch like u thinks!! So dear hating bitch continue to a hate cuz ya a bitch!! bye hating bitch!!! =D


  46. Kayla B.

    Ummmmm, someone needs to take their medication and quit talking to those voices in their head. It’s really not that serious…


  47. Gaz2010

    Another artist jumping on the Dance DOOF DOOF wagon….just didn’t think Amerie would be one of them


  48. TheBigPicture

    This song is really good


  49. mindgames

    awwwwwwww look @ all the hatin bitches come out to play. GET LIVES!! :D


  50. Kev

    To me Amerie can sing and that’s really all that matters as far as I’m concerned. Not everybody is going to like you… Amerie sang her ass off on “All I Have” that’s when her voice was best. Keep doin you A, I appreciate the music you write. As far as this album is concerned I’m not a fan of this whole “DJ GOT US FALLIN IN LOVE/ ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD” craze. I would love to hear Amerie and Rich again!! Personally. But I’mma always support A no matter what :)


  51. Migrator

    I love her voice. Can’t wait for the album.


  52. LACEY Q.

    I like it, it’s catchy. Hey as long as it entertains me, I’ma buy it.. I don’t care if it’s meaningless or following “the crowd” or whatever…


  53. Phoenix_Wright

    Obviously urs ears are damaged “@ Phoenix_Wright”. u kno ur hating so sad if u say she scream and screech on EVERY song. smh haters stay lying.


  54. Coz

    its okay i have to hear full. glad she changed her sound its 2010 and she gotta get with the times to sell.


  55. G



  56. GM

    It cant stop listening, it’s addicting!!!!!


  57. Becca


    not talented? lmfao amerie is the definition of talent. just listen to “Because I love it”.

    haters you can kill yo-selves!


  58. Wesley

    First of all. Amerie released like 3 songs of all albums and always two of them became a hit!. don’t talk shit if you don’t know a damm thing about her.
    Second of all. She will recieve more money than all you haters ever will in you entire pathetic little lives.
    3rd of all. Don’t talk shit cuz this is just a part of the WHOLE song!
    4rd of all. Why would you comment on a video you don’t like? HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO DO THAT?
    Continue being a hater but don’t forget how dumb you really are than. You geeks ain’t know a damm thing about her so SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE!!!
    Atleast she’s trying to have people enjoy music.
    BTW who said that she’s going to the dance genre? this is just one song of the 13 or more songs she made on the album, Get a fucking life and GROW UP please. It’s not Ameriie’s fault that your mama’s didn’t had enough time to teach you some fucking manners. DAMM!! leave her alone.


  59. Thesaurus

    HELL NAWWW oh man oh man oh man am I disappointed. We need that Amerie from her first and second album, not this pop crap. Why is everybody stepping outside of their lanes?


  60. Yaya

    ^I’m for trying new things but I was one of the few who supported her genuwine brand of r&b. I just hope she dont go to left field on us. this sounds aight i guess.


  61. lisa

    this is a really nice picture of you ..i so time ask am i your tween


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