Nicki Minaj Wants to Win an Oscar

Nicki Minaj

She’s won BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, and been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award before her debut album even dropped. But Nicki Minaj has her sights set on bigger prizes. The Harajuku Barbie sees Grammys and even an Oscar in her future.

When asked where she sees herself in five to 10 years, she told DJ Drama, “I definitely wanna have my charities off the ground. I wanted to do something where I was able to do scholarships for girls in the inner cities. It’s very important to me that the girls go to school if they want to go to college and further their education.”

But that’s not all on her lofty agenda. “And of course you know, lots of Grammys, an Oscar maybe, who knows.”

Nicki is already reading scripts that may one day land her on stage at the Academy Awards. “We’re getting scripts,” said a tight-lipped Minaj. “We’re reading it, but we’re not saying nothing [yet].”

Before she takes over the silver screen, Nicki is planning to head out on tour next year in support of her debut Pink Friday. “Right now we have two options for a tour that start at the top of the year, 2011. I’ll make it public really soon.”

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  1. nicole

    girl please *in Aunt Bunny voice* but that’s good that she wants to start charities and stuff.


  2. A Realist

    Cant wait to go to the tour! :)


  3. Adam

    y not :D


  4. ME



  5. wtfever

    This is Laughable! smfh


  6. Toya

    Good luck, Nicki. I can’t see her winning a VMA award but anything’s possible.

    Hell I’d like to win a Nobel Prize so who am I to judge. The point of having a dream is to stay motivated so if she wants to win Grammys and Oscars and who knows what else, she has to be willing to put the time in.


  7. Brionna

    -YASSS Nicki im riding witchu 100% defy the odds…. -you got to speak it into fruition–
    -Everything starts with a dream the computer we’re reading on started off as a dream in someones minds
    -you gotta dream big to win big
    - her dreaming has gotten this far


  8. Boy Wonder

    I’m blown the hell away! The first time I’ve heard of a femcee except for Queen Latifah or Lauryn starting a charity for inner city kids. And she didn’t say charity, she said chariTIES. Most of these rap chicks just wanna get on and think only about themselves. That’s really impressive and just earned her some points in my book!!!


  9. Boy Wonder

    And why are ya’ll downing her?? Damn if she want it she can get it. This chick already got 6 years of grinding and 4 years of solo grinding before Wayne that got her this far!!! Give her another decade and see what ya’ll say…


  10. C.A.

    Bah! Beyonce and her dad have been trying for years, but nobody could beat Jennifer Hudson or Three 6 Mafia to the Oscar throne.


  11. From Tokyo

    Acting might be something she can do; if she was into drama before this music. If she does it seriously and is a good actress then good for her.


  12. Alejandro

    The haters sound ignorant and obviously havent done their homework. Nicki went to high school for ACTING.

    Skys the limit mama! Do ya thing HB!


  13. jhuntdaprodigy

    If that video of that bootleg @$$ movie she starred in is any indication, she ain’t winning no Oscars, but however…she did go to school for acting, so she might just surprise us. I still don’t see her doing the oscars though. As for the grammys. If Taylor Swift can win effing album of the year, then Nicki Minaj sure as hell can lol


  14. Annanickininja

    I believe she will do well in acting. Like @Alejandro said… “Sky Is The Limit.” Someone said something about her not being able to get a VMA? Shiiiiii that’s one award show I think she can Sweep! They are all about the commercial & Hip-Hop! Grammys aren’t far fetched either seeing as though she’s the only female doing it big Hip-Hop. I like her & I believe in her.
    Anything is possible. I hope she really does well on sales & touring. Great things are coming her way. U hating now, just wait & see.


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