Review Roundup: Rihanna – ‘Loud’


Rihanna gets Loud on her fifth album in five years. The dance-pop record, featuring the chart-topping singles “Only Girl (In the World)” and Drake-assisted “What’s My Name?” is a return to form from last year’s darker-toned Rated R. Did critics welcome back Little Miss Sunshine? Find out below.

USA Today: On her fifth album in five years, she is on a freaky, flirty, fun trip. The edgy music, which leans heavily toward dance and island sounds, fits well with her less than blissful romantic romps. 3 out of 4

Entertainment Weekly: At times the album’s lurid sexuality can feel forced: kink as oversold diva commodity. What Loud showcases best, though, is a star undefeated by her worst circumstances—and finding redemption in exactly the kind of pop nirvana that made her famous in the first place. A-

The New York Times: Loud works the pop gizmos as neatly as any album this year, maintaining the Rihanna brand. But the album has a hermetic, cool calculation until it gets to “Love the Way You Lie (Part II),” her take on the tortured hit she shared with Eminem.

Los Angeles Times: Loud is, at points, a powerful reminder of Rihanna’s skills before the 2009 Grammys incident changed how we read her songs. The minor-key moments are still her best: “Only Girl (In the World)” revives the chilly trance of “Disturbia” with a newly vigorous vocal performance. 3 out of 4

SPIN: Loud is a hard-won battle, and for that, it almost makes sense that it doesn’t contain any tracks as effortlessly bright as Rihanna’s 2007 zeitgeist smash “Umbrella.” This is a more mature nod to the bubbly pop that established her fame. 8 out of 10

Chicago Sun-Times: The Stargate-produced “Only Girl (In the World)” wound up the first single because of its carbonated, club-ready synths, but the best song here is “Cheers (Drink to That),” a wise, world-weary paean from a gal at the bar who’s seen some stuff, has moved on and wants to buy everybody a round of fruity shots. 3 out of 4

The Boston Globe: Loud, her fifth release since 2006, is that album’s antidote, an unabashed return to where Rihanna belongs: the dance floor. As if liberating herself from the depths, she’s a force on these 11 songs, hop-scotching from electro-pop [“Only Girl (In the World)"] to Top 40 balladry fit for Taylor Swift (“California King Bed”).

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “What’s My Name?” “Cheers (Drink to That),” “Fading,” “Man Down”

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  1. rihannito

    yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss rock those reviews Rihanna LOUD!!!!


  2. TeamKeri 4 EVER

    I am so in love with LOUD. I always knew who Rihanna is. But I never really purchased any of her stuff.

    But after this album, I can’t help it but fall I’n love with Rihanna (Herself) such an amazing artist!
    I love her SO much right now!! It’s CRAZY!!
    Anywaaaays, I’m so excited about LOUD. Am waiting for it to drop in my country. I’ll be the 1st to get it :D

    #TeamKeri #RihannaNavy *WinK*


  3. Eric

    Trade Fading for Skin and Rap-Up and I have the same favorites!


  4. -

    I like Rihanna’s old music better!



    Great reviews.This is on par with the masterpiece Rated R.Although it doesnt top it, it comes very close.5/5


  6. okkk

    “Loud” is probably one of the best pop albums this year, vocal limitations and all lol. My favorites are: “S&m”, “Raining Men” and “Skin”.


  7. Chris Shorts

    i love the cd omg i have it i love it so much but it leaves me wanting alot more riri but its ok i love it


  8. bk

    #GETLOUDBITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Becca

    LMFAO! I find it hilarious how the majority of reviews have been negative, and Rap-Up has found the only positive reviews out there.


  10. Luisfer

    Great reviews°°°°!!
    Go Ri Ri!!!


  11. Brionna

    I love man down, raining men,Fading,Whats my Name, & Complicated, cheers


  12. Bantu

    Yesssssssssssssssssss!!! oh na na She did it again!! Love it!!


  13. jjj

    Get LOUD!
    In stores today!
    It’s a great album… trust.


  14. chadthoma

    This by far is rihannas best album beginning to end and its deffinetly gonna do numbers on the charts.. Raining men is hot hope that’s the next single her haters need to give it up her reighn won’t ever let up..


  15. Really

    @ Becca
    stop hating. I surely haven’t seen much negative reviews. Maybe just on the websites that constantly hate on the girl that you visit. LOLs.


  16. back2basics

    Everyone GET LOUD!!!


  17. Diamond Girl

    On Repeat!! Rihanna shuts up her haters with this..Stop hating already.. It’s a very pop album. It appeals to most, trust me I’m playing it loud…Do like the album suggests…So happy for her..


  18. Kyle

    Wow, this album got some damn good reviews. I just bought it so now it’s time for me to see if the album lives up to these reviews.


  19. Kyle

    So when this site posted the snippets I was a bit disappointed and said that I would reserve my full judgement until I heard the album in its entirety and I must say…after hearing the full tracks I’m really feeling this album. The songs are so damn catchy and I’m glad “Cheers” is so much better than when I heard the snippet. I love that song!! Great album. It’s hard to top “Rated R” but I definitely think this album will top “Good Girl Gone Bad” after a few more listens.


  20. Sweetbaba

    I love the album, first ever Rihanna album I brought.


  21. Giamma

    Great reviews!!!


  22. love love 90210

    I got the album today, its a good album. Man down has gotta be the best song on the album <33


  23. DontEVENWorryABOUTIt



  24. RAHJA

    Now, those are what I call REAL reviews! All of these other corny bloggers FAIL. Well some! Lol. I bought my copy of LOUD, today. Proud of Rihanna! Been a fan since Aug 2005 and forever will be!


  25. Rap*

    Its not a dance-pop record. There are onl two dance songs…..its very urban.


  26. brainwash

    for only 11 tracks…LOUD has brought it…i didnt skip ONE track and that’s saying alot…
    sorry haters but “that rihanna reign just won’t let up”

    @Becca…i find it hilarious how all the comments you ever wrote on rihanna posts have been HATE…as if your opinion is correct…oh please, i looked at most of the reviews and most are positive reviews, so suck b*tch…BYE HATER!


  27. @RihannasMonster

    its a Pop album overall its not very urban the only urban songs outhere are raining men & what’s my name and you can say cheers too! others are Pop !!


  28. brainwash

    for only 11 tracks…LOUD has brought it…i didnt skip ONE track and that’s saying alot…
    sorry haters but “that rihanna reign just won’t let up”

    @Becca…i find it hilarious how all the comments you ever wrote on rihanna posts have been HATE…as if your opinion is MATTERS…oh please, i looked at most of the reviews and most are positive reviews, so suck it b*tch…BYE HATER!



    ^^^^^^rihannasmonster…what about skin, fading, and man down, in all thats six tracks that in my opinion are urban, which is the majority of the album…anyways, #GETLOUDBITCHES


  30. @RihannasMonster

    lol @BARRY BONDS i forgot bout skin but fading is pop more and man Down is Raggae lol anyways like u said #GETLOUDBITCHES already #1 on iTunes!


  31. king

    yea rihanna is the fukin best hope go number one and keep sellin


  32. Lisa

    I would say Cheers is almost like a mix between urban and alternative rock.. That is my favorite song!!


  33. Jay Jay

    I got the album(illegaly)I would say i do like s&m,Only girl, and whats your name all the other songs are not amazing….overall its a good album but its not great


  34. sherman

    the fact that u can enjoy every song on the album says alot

    great album riri!

    i think its one of the best albums out this year!


  35. Miniblock

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has better reviews, it’s just the best album of the century tbh


  36. Nicky

    #1 on ITUNES in 11 countries including US



  37. back2basics

    #1 in 11 countries … RiRi better work #getloud


  38. YeezyFan

    great album. will surely beat nelly n Lee DeWyze next week but dunno bout Bruce Springsteen, Josh Groban, Keith Urban, Kid Rock n Rascal Flatts. both have constant chart toppers. Rascal Flatts’ last 5 album debuted at #1 with their last set, Unstoppable, selling 351,000 copies in April 2009. Kid Rock’s got only 1 no. 1 (Rock N Roll Jesus) but he sells high and that sold 172,000 copies. Also, his Born Free is doing well in the singles charts. Bruce Springsteen will surely get no. 1 (Its the Boss). n Keith Urban’s last 3 albums have debuted at no.1 with his last set selling 171,000 in its 1st week. Lee DeWyze is releasing his 1st post-Idol album so it might suffer. but Josh Groban sold 5 million copies with his last set, Noel, in just over 2 months.
    My prediction is
    Bruce Springsteen
    Josh Groban
    Rascal Flatts
    Keith Urban
    Kid Rock (only because he doesn’t release his music on iTunes)
    Lee DeWyze


  39. K.K.

    Yes! Good groove, critics. U gotta love LOUD :)


  40. RyanB

    I brought LOUD a couple of days ago now, and I’ve had it on repeat since. Its a truly amazing pop album and beats/matches anything else I’ve heard this year. I’m not too sure about Skin though. I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
    My favourites are;

    Only Girl(In The World)
    Love The Way You Lie Pt2
    Man Down
    California King Bed


  41. phaedra

    milli vanilli fans love rihanna


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