Rihanna Turns Down Playboy Offers


On her album release day, Rihanna and her Roc Nation boss Jay-Z arrived at New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater for a taping of “The Late Show.” The “What’s My Name?” singer turned heads with her long red hair, while a bespectacled Jay opted for a more laid-back, preppy look. Hov will sit down on the couch with David Letterman while Rihanna performs on tonight’s show.

RiRi revealed to Angie Martinez that she’s been offered to pose for Playboy several times, but turned the magazine down. “I got a few offers to do Playboy actually. They want to pay you to be naked on the cover,” she said. “If I’m gonna take my clothes off, it has to be in a classy way and my will, not a check. I wouldn’t take any money to do that.” But she does enjoy walking around nude when she’s in the privacy of her home.

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  1. OIC

    She also enjoys wearing see through tops in public without a bra…. *blank stare*


  2. Tracie

    We’ve already seen her cookies any way LOL.


  3. Tracie

    And y’all can think what you want but you wait and see…she is gonna take Bey’s man. Just wait and see.


  4. meme

    Good girl rihanna. save that for the none workin chicks


  5. James Derry'l

    Playboy should just use her Album insert.. Lol


  6. YEAH

    @ tracie ikr lol
    Everytime something about Rih showing something…it’s like well when your naked pics in up on the internet, who cares anymore?
    I love Rih but hate the color RED!!


  7. Momoh

    ^^ Agree with the above commment lool


  8. LOUD

    We seen you couchi already!!! so what are u hiding!?


  9. brian B...

    She already leaked nude pictures of herself to the internet, or did she forget??
    Maybe I just missed the part where they said it wasn’t her in the pictures!


  10. beystanbish

    lol. yall are too funny. lmao at tracie. I dont think Rihanna wants Jay. He ugly. SorrY Queen Bey but I cant lie.


  11. jeremydante

    they haven’t had a high profile celebrity pose for playboy for a minute. they need to get back on they game.


  12. yani

    lol at everybody..it is pretty contradictory if most of ur vids/pictures ur half naked in em.


  13. LoudisHOT

    I love you Rihanna and I love your new look and ALBUM! Please complete the look with one of the music industries top earner and soon to be BILLIONAIRE JAY-Z!!!! That is THE ONLY REASON BEyonce is with him. Take that man from that ho please, I cannot stand her!


  14. jhuntdaprodigy

    Well her bare breast and booty are already on the internet anyway, but that isn’t gonna stop me from looking should she get naked for something again lol


  15. LOL

    We’ve already seen her naked and her panties on chris brown’s head. she must have short term memory.


  16. Rihanna Baby



  17. let's be real

    Her nude pics were released, she was semi nude or topless on several magazine covers, inserts and the “Umbrella” video soo…


  18. K.K.

    Posing for Playboy won’t change your image at all. ;)


  19. riri stan

    luv the girl luv the new album, luv the new look hate the nudity she needs to wear some clothes jeez my friends rag on me coz i’m a huge fan of someone who is alwaes naked it gets old im a huge fan so id like some more decency from her she got the stash to by cool clothes so she should use it


  20. L.A Chick

    why did she turn that down, we all saw her naked body.
    BTW she can’t take Beyonce’s man.


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